Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Tidy Up Tuesday - Quilter's Meet & Greet

Welcome to another edition of Tidy Up Tuesday!!  Today, I am tying up loose ends on a post that has been in the works for more than a month.  I'd say that fits the theme.  Read on for further the details.

An Invitation...

Benita from Victoriana Quilt Designs (who blogs at Benita Skinner's Creative Space) had plans to host a Meet & Greet during the month of September.  She was kind enough to extend not one, but TWO invitations for me to participate.

Upon the first invitation, I checked her blog and promptly got involved in finishing my latest commission quilt.  When the second invitation email arrived, I started making excuses as to why I couldn't participate (before seeing them for what they were.)


Well, after suggesting that the timing wouldn't work for me and blaming the wedding quilt needing to be done just days before the event, I realized just how much time I had to prepare for the event... More than a MONTH!!!  Surely, I could write a post in that amount of time, couldn't I?

Yes.  The answer is YES!  I decided that I certainly COULD.

Participation in Benita's Meet & Greet could be fun.  Especially, since I'd never had an opportunity like this.  First, a plan was formed.  I would write the post ahead of time and work on the wedding quilt at a Sew Saturday coming up soon.  The post was started that very day!

The requirements...

Share what you like about quilting:

I enjoy playing with fabric, spending time with my quilting friends (in-person and online), capturing memories in the form of T-shirt quilts, learning to "drive" my (still) new-to-me longarm, and using scraps to the very last inch.

Pictures of your past quilt favorites:

My favorite quilts aren't necessarily quilts, at all.  Take this stack of mini quilts, for example:

Another of my favorite "quilts" was transformed into a quilted bowl for a dear friend:

I'm also particularly fond of this little surprise...

... Which began as one of those "what if??" moments and turned out to be a quilted mug rug for an exchange:

That brings me to my most favorite quilted jacket, which started life as a quilt, but got cut into pattern pieces:

My favorite batik quilt was a tiny bag of scraps...

... That grew into a small pin cushion for an online swap: 

LOOK!!  It's an actual quilt!  Well, quilt top in the photo below, if you want to get technical.  It turned out to be my first ever finish for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  However, it no longer belongs to me.  I love this quilt so much that I'm making another for myself:

Even though you may not be able to see the quilting in this picture, it was my very first custom quilting job completed (for myself) on my (then) new-to-me longarm quilting machine:

Just to prove that I don't ONLY like scrap quilts, this 12 year old UFO was finished using my favorite giant template board:

And, while this quilt may appear to be scrappy, it was made using a selection of fabrics collected over time.  When I made this king sized behemoth, it was the largest quilt I had ever pieced:

Say hello to new visitors, invite them to browse, and follow:

Hi there!  (Picture me waving wildly.)

Thanks for dropping by my little part of the blogosphere.  Take your time to look around.  I blog about all things "quilty" (along with a tiny bit of knitting.)  I'm participating in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, joining in the Scrap Attack Challenge, and I have occasionally been found linking up with Oh Scrap! due to my love of all things scrappy.

You are welcome to follow me, if you'd like.  You will find that I'm not a "hard core" blogger.  I tend to use my blog as an online quilt journal.  A typical week will see me release one to three posts.  They are generally quilt related.  Although, there is a bit of "life stuff" thrown in for good measure.

Already a follower here?  Head over to the main page to find some new quilt blogs that you may not have visited before:

Benita gathered quite a selection of bloggers for you.  Who knows?  You just might find you new favorite blog!!

Did I mention there is a prize?!?!

Follow THIS LINK for a chance to win a "Great Grand Prize".

Click on the words THIS LINK seen above the prize entry logo!!!

Benita has promised a selection of fabrics and maybe more.

I'm hosting a PRIZE for my readers, too!!

Sorry!  Contest is CLOSED!!!

I'm offering a Custom Mug Rug (in the colors of your choice) for ONE lucky winner.  If that is YOU, I will create a one of a kind mini quilt using my fabric scraps.

This prize is for NEW readers and current followers, as well as random readers.  I will draw a name (at random) from those who leave a comment on this post by 8PM (EDT) on October 1, 2018.  If you are a NO REPLY blogger, please leave an email address to contact you, in the event that you are my lucky winner.

Linking up with:

Amanda Jean for Finish It Up Friday.  Missed you during your (extended) Summer break!!
Cynthia for Oh Scrap!

Until next time...
Thanks for stopping by!!!


  1. I always enjoy your blog and look forward to going though some of the new blogs!

    Good Luck to everyone with the giveaway!!

    Cathy (islandcat98 at yahoo dot com)

  2. I love the mini you used for the mug rug. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I'm a scrappy quilt person, so all your photos speak right to my heart. I absolutely LOVE your quilted jacket, but kringed at the thought of cutting up a quilt to make it. LOL!!!

  4. Scrappy quilts are my absolute favorites -- and as a quilter of 44+ years, I've got loads of scraps to use. What a lovely giveaway!
    Deb E / Oregon mdenders@msn.com

  5. Really enjoyed your post -- you've got a fun sense of humor. Plus a lot of talent! I enjoyed all the pics of your lovely work. As an aside, I thought I'd have plenty of time to prepare for today's post, too. Only it wasn't until 8 this morning that I remembered I needed to actually type it out (my *empty* post went live at 7). And I have no excuses like wedding quilts. You done good and I'm pleased to 'meet' you!! :)

  6. So nice to meet you and good luck on the wedding quilt! They are very special indeed. Thanks for sharing and I love that little carpenter star mug rug!

  7. A Joyful Original? Count me in for a chance to win. I love your blog, love your quilts and love you!!!

  8. I always enjoy reading your blog, and seeing all of your pretty works. I'd love to win a custom mug rug. Thank you for the chance.

  9. I really enjoyed your post, thanks for sharing. Your quilt projects are all beautiful. I love scraps too, can't seem to throw even the smallest piece out!

  10. Lovely to meet you and see your stunning work.

  11. Thanks for sharing all that scrappy quilty goodness :) I enjoy your reading your weekly updates.

  12. That is some amazing creative re-purposing - quilt that wasn't and the jacket that is rocking awesome!!! Love the little red mug too. Your name is so appropriate - JOYFUL!!!

  13. That teeny tiny carpenter's star! EEEP! How awesome!

  14. Lovely to meet you and your blog. Love your projects.

  15. Wow! You are a busy quilter! So glad to read your most special post.

  16. I love teeny tiny patchwork and quilting and first met you when you were making your patchwork bowls. I love your mug rug, it’s gorgeous! I’d love to win one, it would go nicely with the Coffee Koozie I just blogged about.
    Glad you had time to write your post after all! It was lovely to read more about you, your quilts, and the especially the one that became such a lovely jacket. Really love all your scrappy projects!
    I am a follower.
    Barbara x

  17. I haven't been following you for very long, so enjoyed seeing some of your past quilty endeavors. That first RSC quilt is beautiful. I can see why you want to make another.

  18. I always enjoy reading your blog, not only Saturdays for the RSC ;) Beautiful gallery of quilts and projects!

  19. Cute designs. I like to make some smaller projects - give the sense of accomplishment sooner.

  20. emjoyed reading your blog. I especially enjoyed seeing the mugrug.
    However, the link to the grand prize page is the wrong one, it sends us to the beginning and we will not show as having visited your blog.

    1. Sorry!! You must have clicked on the Meet and Greet link. To enter for the prize click on the words THIS LINK shown above the prize entry logo photo, as I had trouble with the photo link.

  21. Not sure how I missed your post on the Meet and Greet, Joy, but thanks for giving me a second chance! :) I loved seeing all your small projects, as that is something I love making, too. And that beautiful HST quilt you made is still one of my favorites!

  22. So much fun reading about you in a different format and seeing new to me projects. I love your quilted jacket!!!

  23. Oh, I can see why that string quilt was a favorite. I love the rectangular blocks. Thanks for linking up with Oh Scrap!

  24. I already follow along but this was such a fun post I had to come comment.

  25. What fun to see all the things you like to create! I think you are full of energy! You'd be hilarious in person!!

  26. Keeping up with your energy might be a challenge for some but I think we'd get along beautifully. You're my kind of quilter-- doing your own thing, challenging yourself, having lots of fun. Thank goodness you found the time to say hello because now I have another quilty friend. (Too late you're stuck with me.)
    Seriously, you are very talented. It's easy to see why you received two invites.

  27. Hi there, back at you -- it's been such fun to meet new-to-me quilt bloggers on the M&G hop. I especially like the 12-years-in-the making quilt. And thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  28. I love scraps and scrappy quilts. You have some gorgeous ones there, great job.

  29. What a great line up of quilting projects! Visiting from the Meet and Greet. Don't enter me in your giveaway, though, I have too much stuff now, LOL!!

  30. Nice to meet you--I enjoyed reading your blog--do you really like your Long Arm quilter and what kind did you get?

  31. Wow, what a generous offer! I thoroughly enjoyed reading your introduction and am sure I'll visit again.

  32. I love scrappy too and save every tiny bit of fabric. I enjoyed reading your post. Thank you.

  33. I enjoyed seeing your variety of quilts. They are all beautiful and creatively done, especially the jacket and the one you made for your bed with the little butterfly in the border. :)

  34. I enjoyed reading your Blog and looking around. Your quilts and projects are wonderful.

  35. Fun post! My favourite quilts are scrappies so I particularly enjoyed seeing yours. I'm glad you found the time to play along!

  36. It was a 'joy' reading your blog.
    Christine from Ontario

  37. You had me when you told how a completed quilt got cut up and became a quilted jacket. That has to be the most brave thing a person very could do. I can see that you're enjoying your quilting time.

  38. I love your little red and white mug rug!

  39. I'm so glad you decided to say yes, Joy! :)
    Thanks for being part of the Quilters Meet & Greet! <3

  40. I'm so glad you joined the Meet and Greet and it is lovely to see all your projects. Thank you

  41. I too love scrappy. Your fun ways of using your quilts is an inspiration to me.

  42. Your rainbow scrap quilt, that is so beautiful, and what a way to show off each selection of colours. A winner in my eyes.

  43. Love Love Loooove Scrappy quilts & projects too! :) Yours are Beautiful!Wonderful job! Thank you for chance to win your Give-a-way too :D

  44. I love the name of your blog and enjoyed reading about you and your quilts. Thank you.

  45. Nice to meet you Joy. I am glad that you chose to participate in the meet and greet. Thanks for the opportunity to win your prize. Following on bloglovin' davemelvanolan(at)aol(dot)com

  46. I appreciate your scrappy quilt ideas as I'm always trying to use left overs and not food. rozz01atcoxdotnet

  47. Please please talk to me about how you made that quilted jacket. I would LOVE to make a quilted skirt, but not sure how to go about doing it. Did you make a quilt and cut it up, or did you make your "top" and cut it into pattern pieces and put batting between the lining?


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