Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Wonderful Wednesday - T3 {DONE!!!}

It's time for a Happy Dance.  Would you care to join me???  Come on... You KNOW you want to!!

Here's me, sewing on the binding:

Sew to the BACK, flip to the FRONT for machine sewn binding.

This shows the binding sewn down and a (little) closer view of the quilting:

You can't see the wobble from this angle.

Ta-da!!!  The 44" x 60" T3 is now a completed quilt:

If ONLY there is a solution to the wavy borders (that doesn't include removing the binding!!)

NOTE:  I'll be adding some quilting in the border to (hopefully) tame the wave.  If that doesn't work... perhaps, blocking will do the trick.

Until next time...
Celebrate accomplishments!!!

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