Saturday, April 25, 2015

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC15 - Week 17

Welcome to Week 17 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  It's a lucky thing for me that there's ONE MORE week of PURPLE because I haven't been very productive up to this point.  Projects with looming deadlines took precedent over RSC sewing.  I had hoped that THIS week would be the turning point...

Here's how Week 17 panned out:

On Sunday, Rebecca's Iris bloomed by my front door.  (Not the name of the flower... the name of the friend who let me dig a plant from her garden!)  I love these because they remind me of the ones I grew in my childhood garden.  Here's a photo for you iris lovers to admire:

Monday was Quilt Guild.  I took my 2 newly completed T-shirt quilts for Show and Tell.  Here's a LINK, in case you'd like to see photos and/or read about them.

Tuesday was a productive day for sewing PURPLE blocks for the RSC.  I completed THREE Tiny Nines, TWO String blocks, and prepped some others to sew later on:

Tiny Nines measure 2" UNFINISHED!!!

The bottom String block has some pieces of my latest commission quilt.

The 2 Maverick Stars are ready to sew into blocks.

These chain-pieced 1" squares will soon be transformed into 4 more Tiny Nines.

Wednesday brought more blooming irises!  This one appears to be the same variety as the ones by my front door, but they are from the garden at work and bloomed several days later than mine:

Speaking of my garden...  You iris lover will be pleased to know that there are FOUR MORE varieties of iris ready to bloom in the coming days.  :o)

On the quilting front...  T3 is pin basted!!!  The middle finger on my right hand is throbbing from inserting about 200 pins in the ~ 45" x 60" quilt sandwich.  The next step... the process of actually quilting it.  (Yippee!!  Remember... I used PURPLE scraps for the sashing!!)

Yes! It's another stellar side view shot.  :P

On Thursday... The first of those iris bloomed.  Alas, it's not PURPLE:

I went to Quilt Bee and worked an evening shift.  That didn't leave much time for RSC sewing. (Besides that, I've got a quilt to finish!!)

Friday, I've STILL got a quilt to finish, but I chaperoned a field trip for DS2 and went off on a knitting adventure with Threebagsfulled.  This is a new-to-us fiber festival and promises to be interesting.  I'll have to let you know how it goes...

On Saturday, I finished this post, LINKed-up with Angela and the other RSC quilters, and ate my way through the Powhatan Fiber Festival.  Thank YOU for stopping by and feel free to leave a comment, if you'd like.  (It makes me happy... LOVE getting comments!)

That's it for this week.  Oh!  You'll find me at link number 9 on today's Link Party.  Does that tell you anything about how EARLY the (internal) alarm went off this morning??  LOL

Until next time...
Just keep quilting!!!

The Forget-me-nots bloomed:


  1. I've got purple irises too! Yellow ones bloom next week, I hope.

  2. Our purple irises aren't even close to blooming yet. But I did see some pretties in the Smokies last weekend! Great job on all you sewing this week.

  3. You got lots done. I love the Irises. They are such a pretty flower.

  4. You still managed to fit in plenty! The Iris are lovely, as are your blocks. Especially like your Maverick Stars, I always think that's such a fun block.

  5. I'm waiting for my Iris to bloom. Gosh those little nines are cute.

  6. Beautiful iris. Always been one of my favorite flowers.
    Those little nines are soooooo sweet.

  7. Your spring flowers bring back great memories of living in a land of seasons long ago. So much fun to enjoy through your photos. Great blocks this week. Way to go!


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