Monday, April 20, 2015

Mail Call Monday - Sew Caroline

At my CCLQ meeting last week, my friend Linda brought the current Quiltmaker magazine.  I nabbed it from her to peruse the pages and found a couple of things that I wanted to have another look at.  Namely, a Sew Caroline T-shirt and tote bag.

So enamored with these items that I actually got on the computer when I got home.  Not only did I take another look...

I placed an order!!!

Caroline has SPEEDY DELIVERY and my goodies arrived in just over a week.  Thanks, Caroline!

Would you like to see what I couldn't resist???

THIS adorable tote bag:

Quilt Guild is tonight... the new bag is sure to be a BIG hit!!!

And THIS coordinating T-shirt:

When I ordered the shirt, I thought it was a charcoal gray. It turns out that it's actually a heathered grape color.  Not a bad thing... just not what I was expecting. All in all, not a bad surprise, as I didin't own anything in this color.

Until next time...
Shop happy!!

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