Saturday, April 4, 2015

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC15 - Week 14

Welcome to Week 14 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!

On Sunday morning Angela released the April Color Announcement.  Yesterday, I guessed that the new color would be the same as my current nail polish.  :o))

So... welcome to week one of...

Although... I may take the next few days to make up some more YELLOW blocks and clean up my mess before really digging in to my PURPLE scraps.  We'll see what happens when I head upstairs...

On Monday, I spent a few minutes going through my scraps to dig out fabrics to work with during the coming month.  That's all I had time for, so pictures will have to wait for another day.

While you're waiting for that picture, have a look at the stack of YELLOW blocks that I made during the month of March:

It doesn't look so bad in the close-up...

Tuesday saw NO sewing, RSC or otherwise.  I looked at the Tiny Nine that I prepped last week, but (wisely) opted to work on one of my commission quilts (as it felt SO GOOD to make progress on that front!) and then...  Off I went to Quilt Bee.  :o))

Have any guesses as to how many blocks were sewn during YELLOW month???

Shall we take inventory?

Sure, Joyful.  Have at it!

EIGHT (8) String Blocks:

FOUR (4) Maverick Star Blocks:

THREE (3) Slab Blocks:

FOUR (4) Tiny Nines:

(In desperate need of pressing!!)

For a total of NINETEEN (19) YELLOW blocks made during the month of March.  Just think!  If I had only made that one last Tiny Nine the total would have seemed MUCH better.  Don't you agree?


If you recall, I like to point out the trimmings, too.  Therefore, I present the small stack of trimmed up YELLOW squares to be used in future projects:

Let's take a moment to review the composite photo for the (measly) outcome of the YELLOW sewing done during the month of March:

Hey!! That YELLOW progress doesn't look so bad, after all!!!

That brings us to Wednesday, the day that I worked all day and then made the trip to pick up DS1 from college for the "Spring Holiday."  (Not to be confused with Spring Break which was in March!) I blame the TRAFFIC for my lack of RSC sewing today!  The trip (going AND coming) took TWICE as long as it should have!!!  Grrr!!!

The only saving grace???

I wasn't the one driving on the way there!!!  DS2 needed more "supervised driving time", even though he already HAS his driver's license.  Fighting traffic one way was enough for him, so I had the "pleasure" of driving home (since DS1 injured his shoulder last week.)

Thursday went by in a blur!  There was too much going on for any RSC sewing to get done.  However, these are the scraps that I've gathered to work with during the month of PURPLE... er... I mean April.  I should totally be able to make to good blocks with these fabric scraps:

This Friday I had hoped to get a TON of RSC sewing completed.  Alas, commission quilts await and there are precious few days in which to get them done!  I'll share a bit of PURPLE goodness from my garden because that's the only thing that REMOTELY relates to the RSC Color of the Month:

Hooray!! The dwarf iris bloomed today!!

Saturday was a work day for me.  I did manage to finish this post and LINK up with the other RSC Quilters over on Angela's SoScrappy blog.  Look for me at link # 22 this week.  Go have a look at all of the PURPLE awesomeness that everyone else was up to... since you didn't get that here.

I worked all day yesterday (and, as mentioned, worked on commission quilts when I got home.)  I was so busy that I didn't have time to check Angela's blog.

WAIT!!!  WHAT???

That's right...

Too busy and then I was such a hurry to post/link up this morning that I didn't even notice that Angela had posted the first RSC Sampler block of the month!!  It's the Carrie Nation block and you can give the tutorial a try to make blocks of your own.  Thanks to Marly at Marly's Quilts for cluing me in so that I could let YOU know!  :o))

Until next time...
Get Scrappy!!!

March = YELLOW = Productivity


  1. Oh my! I'll definitely be on the hunt for some purple nail polish like yours! I've tried pastel purple, but your shade definitely has some punch!

  2. So many pretty yellow blocks. Love the purple nail polish! Looks like you are really getting into the spirit of the challenge.

  3. You have been very busy, love the yellow blocks, good luck with purple!

  4. Feel like I took that trip with you, without having to put on my imaginary brake while riding with the new driver. Lots of yellow blocks, and by the end of the month there will be lots of purple ones. LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  5. Your yellow blocks are wonderful. You'll get many purple blocks done too during the coming days. I look forward to seeing them.

  6. There are a lot of seams in those yellow blocks - you got a lot done on the yellow month. Hope you have a wonderful time with purple (love the nails!) and get some good sewing time in. Was the trip to return as bad as the pick up?

  7. Love, love, LOVE your purple polish!!

  8. Your maverick stars always make me smile. I must do a star project one of these days...


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