Saturday, April 11, 2015

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC15 - Week 15

Welcome to Week 15 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!


That's right.  We've been at this FIFTEEN WEEKS.

Can you believe ???

Here's how Week 15 panned out...

Sunday...  The Easter Bunny came and went.  I hope that YOU had some time with family and friends (and maybe even some time to SEW!!!)  I took a few minutes to sew while the guys were busy getting ready to leave for the in-laws.  I made ONE String block in PURPLE:

Showcasing fabrics from Diane's scrap bag.  Thanks again, Diane!!  :o))

Monday...  I chose to work on one of my quilts with a looming deadline (instead of having fun with my Rainbow Scrap Challenge projects.)

Tuesday...  After applying one border to Jacob's T-quilt, I took the time to make ONE Slab Block in PURPLE.  (Then went off to make dinner for DS2 and look up some info requested by a friend before heading back to finish up that quilt top.)

Wednesday...  After work, I volunteered for Vision Screening with the local Lion's Club.  When my shift was over, I decided to get a hearing test (offered at the same sight.)

The conclusion???

Contrary to my son's belief, I am NOT deaf!!  :o))

I spent a few minutes in the studio tonight.  I made ONE Tiny Nine in YELLOW:

And prepped a few more in PURPLE for sewing at a later date:

Thursday...  You will be surprised how efficient I was this morning!  (NOTE:  This has NOTHING to do with sewing, quilting, or the RSC.)

DS2 to Jazz rehearsal, Taxes to the post office, Copy shop for a working copy of a NEW project...
Back to school to drop off purchases for teacher meal before Face to Face conferences, AND an oil change on my car.

ALL before my 9:30 AM Quilt Bee meeting!!!

Other quilt related tasks were performed after my Quilt Bee meeting.  Still no RSC sewing.  Maybe later!  My afternoon looked something like this:

4:00 Press.  Press.  Press.  Adhering stabilizer to T-shirts for R.W.'s Gift T-quilt.  HOT work!!! (Drats!  Only completed two-thirds of the shirts.)

When I took a break, I found that Angela had posted the RSC Sawtooth Sampler PURPLE Block 2. Thanks, Angela!!  It's called the Broken Sugar Bowl and if you haven't made one, she provides a tutorial.  Click on the block name to go have a try.

5:00  Jump in the car.  Race to school.  Pick up DS2's report card.  Meet briefly with all his teachers.

6:00  Jump in the car.  Head home to pick-up DS2.  Grab dinner on the way to Duke University Symphony Concert.  Enjoy concert (followed by a reception.)  Drive home in the pouring rain to fall into bed.

Absolutely NO time for RSC sewing!!

Friday...  No RSC sewing today!!  Other fiber-y goodness, but not a stitch was sewn.  Knitted, yes! Sewn, no.  My knit group took a field trip to the Carolina Fiber Festival.  Hooray!! for some yarn-y goodness!!!  :o))

Upon my return home, it was back into the car with the family to head to Greensboro for a special family get-together.  That a LOT of car time for one day, but totally worth it to meet T.  She'll be joining the family in late 2016.  Welcome, T!!!

Saturday...  Up early for a drive to The North Carolina Trombone Festival (in Greensboro!!)  Linking up with Angela and the RSC Quilters had to wait.  I'll take care of that now.  Look for me at link number 20 this week.  Click over and take a look at what everyone has been working.  Prepare to be inspired!!  :o))

On the Trombone Festival front, DS2 enjoyed the clinics offered and learned some new things.  I am sure to enjoy the concert that culminates the day.

Until next time...
Get Scrappy!!!

This iris bed is performing MUCH better than last year.  Look at all that PURPLE goodness!!  I posted this picture for Paula at PaulaB Quilts, but hopefully others will enjoy my little Dwarf Snow Iris garden, too.  Oops!  It needs some mulch!!


  1. you live the full life girl!! I adore the sheep logo... want a tshirt with it on there. Trombone Festival! I can't believe you get any sewing done. LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  2. Wow I'm tired reading this however it sounds like you are enjoying it. Great job on getting done what you were able to get finished.

  3. Glad you found a bit of sewing time in between running all over the place. Hope next week is calmer

  4. Busy week, I do like the little bits of purple you were able to squeeze in, and purple prep work, that's a good start.

  5. My Goodness. Your Iris plant looks gorgeous. Mine aren't anywhere near ready to bloom. But they are purple!

  6. Great purple prints. Time is flying.

  7. We can't sew a ton of blocks every week after all! I love the picture of the one tiny yellow nine patch. :- )


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