Friday, April 3, 2015

Design Floor Friday - {T-shirt} x 3

By this time, you probably know that I've got a "thing" for T-shirt quilts.  Right??

It's my method of choice for preserving memories of and for loved ones.

On Thursday, March 19th, I took in ANOTHER commission T-shirt quilt.  That makes THREE on the go at one time!!  (Fortunately, T-Quilt #1 and T-Quilt #2 are ALMOST done.)

This one is for a wall hanging (so it should go quickly.)  I probably SHOULD have said  NO, but it's for a woman who wanted something special for her mother's 94th birthday.

With an order like that, how could I refuse?!?!

I de-constructed the shirts right away and then on Monday, March 23rd, my client brought another batch of shirts to fit in.  The good news is that I don't HAVE TO include ALL of the shirts provided.

Otherwise, this SMALL wall hanging will end up being twin bed sized!!

Here is the preliminary layout:

Please excuse the sideways view. Photo program is giving me grief, again.)

As you know, there is a 75% (OK, 95%) chance that things will change between this and the final design.  :P

The next challenge will be getting ALL of these shirts to fit within the size parameters set by my client.  Upon first look... there isn't a snowballs chance of it!!

Until next time...
Cut, press, and SEW!!!

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