Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Wonderful Wednesday - A Winter 2015 UFO Club Finish!!! {The Joyful Scrap Addiction}

I'll warn you in advance...

If YOU are one of those people who don't like to see multiple posts that include photos of the same quilt, I'm truly sorry, but you better click on out of here until next time.  If not, read on...

This post is for friends and family who aren't members of the Winter 2015 (Ravelry) UFO Club. (They like to get the scoop on my completed projects, too.)  A very public, thank you, to "my" UFO Club!! These wonderful quilters encouraged me all along the way during the YEARS it has taken me to complete my Crumb Quilt.  This post is also for YOU, my readers, because in the beginning of my blog I promised to report about my projects... and this was a BIG one!!!


It started WAY back in March 2008!!!  SEVEN YEARS ago???  YIKES!!!

I took a Crumb class with Bonnie Hunter.  It was a REALLY fun class!!  We learned how to make Maverick Stars and Letter Blocks, too.    (I looked it up in my "official" DOQ "presidential" notebook. I remember having dinner with Bonnie before her lecture, too.  She is SUCH a hoot!!)

Yes. I still have the class-made blocks in a bag for reference.


In the UFO Support Group discussion thread on Ravelry, CraftyJamie asked:

What pray tell is a Crumb Quilt?

Here's how I responded:

Just what it says. It’s a quilt made from your smallest scraps, i.e. “crumbs”, which was developed by Bonnie Hunter at Another incarnation of the “crumb” quilt is called “scrap therapy” by some other designer. I learned it from Bonnie, therefore, my quilt is Crumbs. It’s fun and easy! All you do is slap fabrics together and slice/dice as you please to change the shape of the block, building the blocks one (or several) scraps at a time.
My friend, needleb, chooses to color coordinate her crumb quilts. Me, I’m not afraid to put ANYTHING together - if it “goes” well or not! Sure! It will be “busy”, but that makes it all the more interesting. I might use a section of an orphan quilt block, a piece of a pieced border that was trimmed off, or just start with a square or triangle of fabric.

Here’s a photo of the FIRST completed section from 11/12/2010:
Crumb Quilt on top of Circle Denim Quilt
Oh! It’s laying on another of my scrap quilts….my Circle Denim Quilt. Gotta dig that out and get closer to done!


Here are some excerpts from my celebratory post in the Winter 2015 UFO Club discussion thread, for those of you who aren't members of the Quilters Knitting group on Ravelry:

I don’t believe it!! I went to Needleb’s house on Saturday and guess what I did… FINALLY finished my “Joyful Scrap Addiction” Crumb quilt. Care to join me in a happy dance???

The obligatory rolled shot:

Oh.  What's that??

You want to see MORE pictures???

The front and back together shot:

And here's one of the (nearly) whole quilt:

I completed the quilt just in time to head home to cook dinner... and then it was off to WORK!!

Before dinner, I quickly snapped a shot of the quilt on our freshly made bed:

I think I'm REALLY going to have to make some pillow shams... or at the very least some pretty pillowcases!!!  (And possibly a dust ruffle, but that will have to wait for summer.)

DH already hung the new (matching/coordinating) artwork!!  (Thanks!!  That was a GREAT surprise to come home to after working all evening.)

Look how nicely the colors in the print go with the colors in the quilt:

I am SO pleased with how this turned out!!  This shot was taken back in September 2014 before quilting and my friend, Needleb, caught me on camera while laying on the quilt exclaiming, " I LOVE THIS QUILT!!!!"

Reminders for myself:  This was long-arm quilted by my friend, Gayle Sparrow, who helped me choose just the right pantograph for the quilt.  She did a GREAT job!!  Thanks, again, Gayle!

The quilt is approximately 96" x 96" and I wasn't up for that type of torture on my home machine.  :P


  1. Love, love, love it! The colors are wonderful together.

  2. Such a fun quilt! I love using ALL THE FABRICS :-)

  3. That is a fantastic quilt!!! and it looks great with you on it, or the artwork above it - so it is VERY versatile ;-) Truly - I LOVE it!

  4. Oh, my, it is fantastic! And you have just made up my mind for me... I need a baby quilt and a crumb/scrap quilt was on my mind.

    Now I think I am definitely making one for the baby. I'd better get started, as the shower is about two months earlier than I was led to believe it would be...

  5. Awesome Quilt! I love it. Congratulations on a fantastic quilt!


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