Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Wonderful Wednesday - Check One Off the Bucket List

Warning!!!  Photo-heavy post.

Welcome to another edition of Wonderful Wednesday!!  I'm here to report about the item that I checked off my (Quilty) Bucket List over the weekend.  Special thanks to my good friend Tiffany for making this happen!

Here's how the weekend progressed:


Bright and early this morning two of my quilting friends and I departed for The Quiltville Inn, arriving just before lunchtime:

Welcome to Room 2!  The weekend's inhabitants? Britt, Joy, and Stacy from NT Nights Bee:

We all brought our "Bonnie quilts."
Left: Joy's Crumb Workshop quilt
By the door: Britt's Easy Street quilt (looking like it was made for this room!)
Right: Stacy's Good Fortune quilt

The beautiful pastoral scene from the Inn's back porch:

I absolutely LOVE circles, spots, and dots, so I couldn't resist taking a photo of Trudy's lovely circle-themed quilt:

My first order of business was asking Bonnie for a photo with my version of her Grand Illusion Mystery quilt from 2014:

The photo above also appeared HERE on Bonnie's blog.

PURPLE scrap sewing was the next item on my To Do list:

I was SEW pleased to be getting the rows of my version of Amanda Jean Nyberg's (@crazymomquilts) Candy Coated quilt sewn together.  It's a process, that's for sure!  The pairs of strips were sewn and pressed before I left home.  Once I settled in for sewing at the Quiltville Inn, I started in on pairs of pairs and trimming to everything to size for the various row heights:

Britt made good progress on her Quarter Log Cabin quilt, pattern by Christina Cameli @ A Few Scraps:

Our group's Retreat Planner, Tiffany, worked on Bonnie's Good Fortune (no longer a) Mystery quilt:

Stacy made progress on her Melodic Mystery from Cheryl Brickey @ Meadow Mist Designs:

LOOK!!  Even the tissue boxes are quilt-themed around here:

By the end of the night my progress had multiplied:


Britt and I were "twinning" today and missing Helena who gave us these shirts, but couldn't attend:

Members of NT Nights with a look at Stacy's growing project:

What's that you're working on now, Joyful???

It's my RSC project for PURPLE month:

Now back to growing rows:


While the others went on a nature walk, the following quilters were left behind for a variety of reasons:

My outdoor excursion was limited to the backyard swing:

Tiffany switched gears and is working on a mini Alaska quilt:

Hello from the side porch of Quiltville Inn!  Wave everyone:

Photos above and below appeared on Bonnie's blog TODAY!!  (...With some creative quilt naming on her part.  Oops!)

And here's Bonnie's front porch photo:

Thanks for the group photos, Bonnie!!

Then came dinner...

This evening, Tiffany prepared a delicious Mexican meal:

It was a fiesta on the beautiful back porch dining area:

Whoops!  Where's Susan?

Hey!  Where did Stacy go???

This photo is for my Quilt Guild friends who need inspiration for this year's Neighborhood Challenge:

My quilt is outgrowing the design wall:

This stage of progress appeared on Bonnie's blog with ME in the photo.

Trudy has taken over this design wall, but Wanda carved out a spot for her new block:


Debbie is making good progress on her City Sampler:

Britt changed over to her HST quilt inspired by an antique quilt at the CCLQ @ The Bluff retreat:

Thinking of my RSC Quilter friends while assembling the components for my Scrap Jar Star in PURPLE:

Ta-Da!!!  It's done:

Stacy was my "twinsy" today.  Here we are with Britt and just LOOK how busy Stacy has been:

PURPLE much, Joyful???

Robin with the tasty Cinnamon Red Hots from Schimpff's Confectionery in her hometown of Jeffersonville, Indiana.  The project in the background was sewn by her.  The 2nd one she's working on:

The Inn's library is stocked with dozens of beautiful books.  This one might just be my next scrap project...

Or will it be this one???

Nope!!  My apron slid into the queue.  Here's the FRONT...

And the BACK of the apron:

I just purchased Mary Mulari's Crisscross Apron Pattern from "The Pizza Girls" at Guild last week and the beautiful iris fabric was a birthday gift from Tiffany at our October 2022 retreat.

Not long after...

Susan announced that she was finished with the blocks for her Alaska quilt:

This UFO project tried to sneak into my project rotation, but none of the thread I brought appeared to work well with the backing fabric I had selected at home:

With a little encouragement...

Stacy completed the top of her Melodic Mystery:

Before heading off to bed tonight, I cut the final pieces for this UFO quilt:

Sunday morning...

I was the only quilter in the sewing room:

Can you say Quilter on a Mission???

I finished up the quilt top with time to spare, but now I need to go help with the clean-up effort:

Special thanks to Preeti @ Sew Preeti Quilts for the brightly colored "Starter Blocks" for this quilt!!

A few final photos once the cleaning and packing were done...

The glorious dogwood tree outside our bedroom window:

Yes, Bonnie made quite certain that quilters were welcome here:

I wanted to remember this fun fabric windsock that was quite possibly a gift from one of the Bonniacs:

Back to the real world...

I brought a little piece of retreat home and unpacked my purchase from the Quiltville Inn Store:

It's already set-up and waiting for my machine to return to its spot:

Until next time...
What a QUILT-a-riffic weekend!!!

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(Since the majority of my sewing was scrappy in nature.)


  1. What a fun experience to check off your Bucket List. I'm jealous! LOL

  2. Fun time! Bonnie traveled to my guild in the late 2000’s…she’s a sweetie for sure!

  3. Oh my goodness - what fun! Looks like lots of great quilt projects were worked on and in such a beautiful setting, too. I enjoyed hearing about it, Joy!

  4. How exciting that you went to Quiltville! Lucky you. Love the photos of you with Bonnie - and your quilts, of course. Glad the rain helped with your pollen problem.

  5. Well, you were living my dream. I live in Buffalo, NY and it would take forever to get to Quiltvilla. Love all the many quilts you were able to sew. So glad you enjoyed yourself!

  6. Well, I'm guessing you got more quilting done at the retreat than you've done in months. Sorry you couldn't join the hikers. I noticed you were missing from the group. What a great opportunity for you and your friends.

  7. I'm so happy for you!!! What a glorious time you've had! The work on the purple quilt is amazing--all of the quilts were a very happy vision!

  8. What an amazing experience! It was so fun to see your photos and of course, the photos that Bonnie posted today!--TerryK@OnGoingProjects

  9. Looks like you all had a great and productive time!

  10. What fun! And you all were so productive too! So glad you were able to do this bucket list item and hopefully do it again! ~Jeanne

  11. Wow!!! Too much fun, Joy!!! You did a great job of photo jounaling your time. I enjoyed seeing all the projects grow! I've driven by Quiltville Inn, so can imagine it a bit. Love that you were there during dogwood season! I'm going to check out Bonnie's blog now.

  12. What fun! Not only a lot of fun, but it looks like everyone was really, really productive. What a cool bucket item to check off your list.

  13. :ucky you. What a bucket list item to cross off. Glad you had fun and accomplished a lot. Looking forward to all your finishes.

  14. How much fun!!! you were just surrounded by Quilty Love - that was awesome!! glad you had a great time!

  15. What an amazing trip, Joy! All that fabric and inspiration must have been overwhelming. Great progress on the purple projects! And Grand Illusion done, too!

  16. Thanks for documenting our first quiltville visit! What an awesome trip!

  17. Wow! That must have been sew exciting! And I'm impressed with all you (and everybody else) got done! Thanks for showing us what it's like!

  18. How wonderful your retreat was! Love seeing all the projects...I need to document ours better. Fun catching you on Bonnie's newsletter too!

  19. Sounds like you had a fun and successful time.


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