Saturday, April 22, 2023

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC23 - Week 16

Welcome to Week 16 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  This week, I want to first share something that I read last weekend.  There are SEW many blogs out there and just in case you hadn't heard about it, YOU may be interested in joining me in supporting the following charity project...

Preeti's Positivity Announcement was released HERE on Saturday:

Now, on with the week...

SUNDAY - As many do...

This week began by Zooming with Knittingsuek:

I know they're not PURPLE, but I was excited to see my rhododendron on its way to full bloom today:

Later, I noticed this sewing error - THREE strips layered together, instead of just two:

That, along with a sneak peak at (the back of) Tuesday's Blog Hop entry.  :o))

MONDAY - Work was followed by a trip around the world (to Quilt Guild and back) with a side trip to make a drop-off at Knittingsuek's:

TUESDAY - Sew It - Show It Challenge SAY WHAT?! Blog Hop

Here is the Improv Birdhouse block I shared at Quilt Guild last night...

And THIS is what happened next door while I was at work today:

Shortly after I snapped that photo, the two trees right behind the heavy equipment fell, too.  :o((

I know it's not Wednesday, but it ended up being an alternate Zoom day with LeeAnna @ Not Afraid of Color which was nice because then I had someone to whine to about all of the downed trees:

Thanks, LeeAnna!!!

WEDNESDAY - Work was followed by a trip to the car wash and packing.  SEW much packing!!  On the construction site next door, there was a whole family of big machinery AND the Port-a-Potty is back, along with it - just barely off of our property, mind you:

THURSDAY - I'll report all the shenanigans next week, but here is one of the projects that I packed to accompany me today on my trip to The Quiltville Inn:

The fabrics in the foreground are contenders for the star points needed for this month's RSC block.


SATURDAY - Retreat and it's LINK PARTY day for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!  I hope you will join me in visiting Angela @ So Scrappy to see what the RSC Quilters have been up to this week.


I'll have to catch up with you all (and join the LINK PARTY) just as soon as I return from the mountains.  Internet is spotty, at best, and I'll be busy sewing, anyway.  Tomorrow is a travel day, but I should be able to do some blog visits by tomorrow evening.

Sharing with Cynthia

Until next time...


  1. I look forward to your retreat report. I hope the weather cooperates for your travels.

  2. Lots of pretty purples in your post. Enjoy your retreat! Happy stitching!

  3. I'm very, very jealous that you are working on your delicious purples at Quiltville Inn! I hope you're having a great time!

  4. I saw your picture this morning with Bonnie at Quiltville Inn. What a fun way to spend your time!! I'm jealous! Have fun! Love that improv birdhouse block BTW.

  5. How fun to be with Bonnie at a retreat! I too have had a couple sessions with 'Jack' because I sewed three layers together instead of two!!--TerryK@OnGoingProjects.

  6. How fun! I'd love to do a retreat there sometime. Hope you had fun sewing.

  7. OMG! You're going to see Bonnie Hunter??!!??!! Have fun! I'll be looking for you in her posts. Thanks for the SHARE with Preeti. I enjoy participating in the Positivity quilt.

  8. Can't wait to read your post about your retreat at Quiltville Inn! I feel sorry for all the downed trees too. Trees make such good, quiet neighbours. Sigh! Lovely purple fabric you are playing with. Enjoy! ;^)

  9. Saw your picture on Bonnie's blog. I'm still jealous. I did attend one of her workshops in PA a few years ago (and sat with her at lunch). Also attended one of her trunk show presentations at a local quilt guild meeting. She is a very friendly, caring person and a talented quilter/designer.

  10. So sorry to see your neighborhood changing like this. Enjoy the retreat - I can't wait to hear about it. I might be a tad bit jealous though. ;) ~Jeanne

  11. How exciting to be going to the Quiltville Inn. I read Bonnie’s blog everyday so I’ll be looking out for photos of you and all the projects you will be busy sewing. Enjoy yourself!


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