Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Wonderful Wednesday (Or is it???) - IMPROV - On the Border

Welcome to another edition of Wonderful Wednesday!!!  Today, I'm here to continue the story of my IMPROV Scrap Swap challenge quilt.  I was thrilled with the center of the quilt, but it needed a bit more

Here's the easy part...

I added a gray flange (cut at 1") to enclose the center of the quilt:

Beyond that...

Borders cut at 2.5":

That sounds perfectly normal, right?


Maybe not, once you take a look at how they were applied:

Hey!  It's IMPROV and (no matter what LeeAnna said) this felt right for my challenge quilt.  My in-home Design Assistant wasn't thrilled, either.  He prefers radial symmetry.  We had talked about a different border application and in my excitement to get them on, I completely forgot about the plan!  Sigh...  A mind is a terrible thing to lose.

(In theory,) I liked the quirkiness of four different border fabrics.  I thought my choice was clever.  As time went by, I began to feel like it was just a hot mess.  Yes, LeeAnna.  I just MIGHT have been wrong.


Done is done, in my book.  The borders are on and they are staying.


Do you hear it?  I'm hearing a LOT of grumbling from the COMPLETED quilt top.

Thanks a lot, Julie!!  This is ALL.  Your.  Fault!!!

You see, Julie @ Me and My Quilts -- Exploring the Possibilities is all about listening to her quilts.  Even if the top is already done!  It's not done until the quilting is in.


Apparently, I've got some UNsewing to do.  More on that in a week or so.  You know?  Once I've got photo evidence that I've done all the ripping and resewing.  Who is grumbling, now?  Oh, that would be me.

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Until next time...
Cut. Sew. Repeat!!


  1. I like it! You wouldn’t hear complaining from me (just from my symmetry loving boys).

  2. Sometimes you just have to try things before you know if you're going to like it or not! Hopefully the unsewing won't be too time consuming, and you can move on to a new idea.

  3. Yep, those dang things can get pretty noisy when you don't listen! My brain prefers symmetry.

  4. Maybe the top border is a little too light for the other borders but aside that, it looks great! A beige coloured stripped border on top and you're done in my book. I love the different borders a lot. Do what you like because it is YOUR quilt after all. Enjoy! ;^)

  5. I like the different borders but I agree that the top one is a different density/tone from the other three.

  6. I agree that the top border is throwing things off. How about repeating the bottom border fabric on the top?

  7. I do prefer symmetry too! Instead of ripping everything, remove the top and right border and use the fabric from the left side on the right and the fabric on the bottom border on the top (assuming you have enough of each).

  8. Those darn quilts can be very loud when they are not happy. Good luck.

  9. I, too, prefer symmetry. I have 2 different suggestions. 1) Take out the corners and insert cornerstones, or 2) Just take out the left corner of the top border and extend the top of the left border. I would probably do the second since it involves less ripping! BTW, thank you, I love your inspiration!

  10. Everyone is not comfortable with doing or viewing improv but I love it. However, if you are not happy with something, it is yours to change. I look forward to seeing it another time if you make changes.

  11. I love it! It's got a real improv look about it now. {But I can see how the borders would annoy some people!}

  12. Stripes for a border? I am a thumbs up. You must always give things a else do you learn. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!


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