Friday, July 10, 2020

Design Floor Friday - Star Spangled Mini Quilt

Welcome to another edition of Design Floor Friday!!!  I spent my 4th of July holiday playing with fabric scraps in my studio.  Any other week, this post might have been added to my growing collection of Mini Monday posts.  Alas, there was mail to report about (since it's been waiting a couple of weeks already.)

A few months ago, I got a good start on the base of this mini quilt, but apparently, I didn't take a photo (or I just can't find it.)  A few weeks ago, I devised a plan for adding stars.  I drew them out and neglected to take a picture.  A few days ago, I cut out the stars that I had drawn, along with a couple extra.  Suddenly, the holiday was upon us and here are the progress photos...

I spent the afternoon and evening working on the mini quilt that I’ve been planning for the last month or so:


There was no rush. First, I pieced the background from a couple of off-cut scraps from a friend. After a few weeks, I decided on the stars and drew those out. This afternoon, I cut out the stars and chose scrap fabrics for them. This evening, I attached them and quilted down each vertical seam.

Tomorrow is another day. Binding options and application is on the agenda. It got too late to fuss with tonight.

The morning arrived and as I reviewed the post to add a few more process pictures, I realized that I was somewhat less than thrilled with the fabric choice for that central star.  As I thought about possible solutions, it occurred to me that I might like more contrast between the "star of the show" and the "supporting cast."

You KNOW what that means, don't you???

It's time to go on a(nother) fabric hunt!  I'll be looking for a scrap with a slightly larger scale of print or possibly something RED.  If I find something suitable, I'll add it on top of the star currently occupying center stage.  If not, my chosen binding fabric will be prepared and applied.

Stay tuned...

Hours later, this is the final outcome.  A quilted and trimmed mini with a couple of scraps for a potential change of plan:

I played with the selections that I had set out last night,
but ended up settling opting on binding and calling it done!

Finish photos...


... Outside:

... And one the Gallery Wire:

Sharing with Alycia


Whooping it up with Sarah

Until next time...

Quilt the red, white, and BLUE!!!


  1. Cute mini. You are going to need another gallery wire soon!

  2. That is fun! I like the way you have the stars overlapping the seams in the background. Nice finish, Joy!

  3. That turned out so cute! I love that it's scrappy. Perfect for the holiday!

  4. What a cute little patriotic mini - perfect!

  5. Such a cute mini! I love how fast mini quilts are to finish.

  6. Your mini is cute and very patriotic. The center star looks good; glad you left it as is. ~Jeanne

  7. Another fun and cut mini for the wire. Congrats on the finish.

  8. I love it!! I like the stripes in the background and the binding just makes it all com together!

  9. What a great mini. It looks great in Texas too. Take care.

  10. Yay for a patriotic finish! It looks great Joy!

  11. Very cute! Perfect for the month of July :)


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