Saturday, July 4, 2020

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC20 - Week 27

Welcome to Week 27 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!!  It's time to say farewell to PINK and hello to a brand new Color of the Month.  Look for that on Monday.  But first...

Let's see how the week ambled on...

SUNDAY - I pulled out a PINK win this week, you guys.  Here is my PINK Picket Star block for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge in need of pressing:

After finishing that, I decided to practice what I learned in Christina Cameli's class on Wednesday.  Here is the jumping off point:


I've done curved piecing before.


I decided to take it a step further:

MONDAY - This morning, a couple of my friends and I met for coffee, knitting, and conversation:

This afternoon, I released a new Mini Monday post.  In it, I shared a fast, fun project made for a special gift.

TUESDAY - Since Friday's phone conversation, I've been looking forward to today's Zoom session with LeeAnna @ Not Afraid of Color.  We enjoyed a lovely visit:

If you look over LeeAnna's shoulder, you'll see what she was up to yesterday.

Do you recognize the blocks?  They are from a tutorial posted on my blog a few months ago.  Magic Stars, anyone?  Here's the LINK, in case YOU would like to give it a try, too.

Before dinner, my friend Deb @ Happy to be Scrappy alerted me to the fact that Angela @ So Scrappy had made the July Color Announcement.  I went over to see for myself what was in store the the Color of the Month, as it will guide my scrappy sewing:

Dark BLUE!!!

Seriously?!?!  I just finished THREE quilted items over the course of the last two weeks.  Lucky for me, I also have about a half dozen UFOs in Dark BLUE, too!

Tonight was the first Zoom-y Evening Bee meeting, after three months of staying home, it was SEW good to see these smiling faces:

WEDNESDAY - Just before my meeting with LeeAnna yesterday, I got a text from my friend Diane @ Stitch Studio.  (Sorry!  No internet presence, as far as I can tell.)  The quilt that I made from HER scraps has now been quilted, just in time to add it to my Summer 2020 (Ravelry) UFO Club (There's still time for you to join in the finishing fun!) project list:

We made arrangements for me to pick up the quilt this morning.  Look what was waiting with the quilt:

I'm SEW excited!  The scraps occupied an entire produce bag:

Unfortunately, the bag and the quilt are currently in seclusion:

This afternoon, I released a Special Edition of Wonderful Wednesday.  YOU won't want to miss it, especially if you like to enter PRIZE DRAWINGS!!!

THURSDAY - Last week's LIVE meeting/retirement party was a "one off."  My morning hours were spent with my Weekly Quilt Bee, but we were back to our virtual meetings via Zoom.  While it was AMAZING to see (almost) everyone in person last week, it was still good to catch up online today.  We started off with a small crew:

Then a few more members showed up:

Deborah's screen shot!!!

It was a really nice meeting (and Needleb joined in near the end!)

Last night, I got a wild hair and decide to do an analysis of the group finishes for the 10th anniversary of the Club.  This afternoon, I released the Spring 2020 (Ravelry) UFO Club - The Results post.   Let me tell you, I was floored by the results!  (In a good way.)

FRIDAY - This morning was reserved for ZoomKNIT.  The following friends logged on for the meeting:

We invited a guest to join us today:

Before the meeting, I posted my Summer UFO List.  I went crazy with options for this quarter.  SEW many projects equals MORE opportunity for my mood to match my available choices.  :o))

After the meeting, I sorted the scraps that I got last week and selected fabrics for my next batch of face masks:

SATURDAY - I'm not quite sure how 7 days can pass SEW quickly, but we have arrived at another LINK PARTY day over at Angela's blog So Scrappy.  Since it's Transition Week, you may see PINK wrap-up posts for June, along with a fair number of Dark BLUE projects for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge's Color of the Month for July.  Either way, you are sure to be inspired!

I'll be working on this Dark BLUE (modified) UFO from 2017:

(Again, sorry, Kevin!)  I abandoned the stars during my state's Stay at Home order.  I'm simply making what I can make with the pieces and parts of the Sapphire Stars Mystery that I have sewn.  (As well as, throwing in some extra scraps to fill it out.)  My work table was a mess and this project ended up being the "low hanging fruit."  Let's just hope that I can locate the borders in that pit that I call a studio!

Lastly, Happy 4th of July to all of my American readers!

Swap gift from MichelleInSeattle. Thanks, Michelle! I miss you!!!

This holiday would normally mean food, family, and fireworks. Alas, this year, it just means there are a few more hours for quilting!  :o)) 

I started a little celebration quilt a few weeks (months?) ago.  It involved some Dark BLUE and today was the perfect day to work on the next step:

Until next time...
Scrap SEW safely!!!


  1. Yay for the Pink Picket Star Block :-) The Dark Blue UFO looks gorgeous already. I am sure you will make short work of it. Stay safe, Joy.

  2. I like that dark blue UFO, too! Glad you were able to pull it out to work on. These weeks do go by amazingly fast, don't they?!

  3. Such a busy week all around and you managed to get a pink block and some blue fabric play in! I am considering joining your summer challenge..... you know, since I egged you on with finishing Jackson!

  4. Well, how handy is that to have a project half done in the color of the month. LOL Wishing you great progress.

  5. You have such energy and enthusiasm! I love your picket star too. So many fun groups and projects and happenings. I hereby nominate you as the official RSC Head Cheerleader!

  6. Busy week! Lots of visiting (at a distance) and a lot of sewing. I like your dark blue UFO!
    I’ll be cutting for Geese Migration and sewing Bonnie Hunter’s new L&E block! I cut some for the 4 inch block, but that might do me in! I’ll sew up what I have cut....

  7. You do manage to keep busy - even in these trying times!
    I'm so grateful we have Zoom! I now get together with my out-of-state daughters & families regularly via the internet and am actually seeing more of them with this magical computer connection than I was in real life!

  8. Kevin's mystery is under a pile at my house, too. I think you did the border at Cath's retreat.

  9. I'm hoping to do something with what I learned in the same Christina Cameli's class today. I'd like to incorporate the curved line(s) into a quilt. Hope you had a nice 4th. ~Jeanne

  10. Beautiful Pink Picket Fence block and so lucky to have a dark blue project in the works! Good luck on your UFOs this quarter!

  11. You found the perfect UFO for this month. Lovely! Enjoy the "new" red scraps. ;^)

  12. Wow! You really have a busy life! I love your blues, especially the quilting on the wall hanging. I am sure you will love the dark blue color of the month!

  13. I thought about your recent dark blue basket adventure when Angela announced the July color! You had a head start :)

  14. What a week! Good for you, "seeing" friends. I really like your picket fence blocks, they will make a wonderful scrappy rainbow.

  15. It's such a challenging time to connect with friends. Your groups seem to have it figured out. Congrats on navigating a full week and still making some progress on your projects.


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