Monday, July 20, 2020

Mini Monday - 10th Blogiversary Prize Wrap-Up

Welcome to another edition of Mini Monday!!  This week, I'm here to share the prize made for the winner of my 10th Blogiversary Giveaway a couple of weeks ago.  Out of the entry posts, Mr. Random selected...

Congratulations, Libby!!  Your notification was sent and your prize will be under construction shortly.  Scraps are being pulled from my RED scrap basket, as requested:

About the prize...

Libby chose a mini.  Then she said that she should have asked for a shinny bin was just to see what I would do.

Joyful:  What is your final decision?

Libby:  Mug Rug.
Libby:  But just what is a shinny bin?  (It was early.  I hadn't had a cup of tea yet. The typo went unnoticed by my bleary eyes.)

So I explain what a Skinny Bin is and ask if she has changed her mind, AGAIN!!  (That's when she explained that she was "Just giving you a little jibe on the spelling.")

Now, to plot and plan...

While watching one of Karen's videos @ Just Get it Done Quilts, she mentioned a new-to-me blog. Once the video was over, I glanced at the Sugaridoo blog. 


After scrolling through several pages, I knew suddenly knew what I was going to make and got right to sewing:

Does the photo below help you guessed what I'm making:

If you guessed Wonky Plus blocks, you would be correct:

These 6 blocks worked up fairly quickly:

 At 3 x 5 inches, Libby's prize mug rug needed something more. 

While staring at it and wondering what to do, inspiration struck! I'm going to try making a BIG block to cut apart for the borders. Those borders need to end up measuring 2 x 7 inches.


I thought I'd start with an 8 or 9" square and go from there. I'll basically be cutting out the center of that block and incorporating the tiny quilt that I have thus far. Does that sound plausible? Let's hope it works!


It MIGHT have, but once I got back upstairs, THIS happened:

Next comes quilting, inspired by the Doodling on a Grid section of Sugaridoo's 101 Ideas for Straight Line Quilting and opted to outline the plus sign in the corner as my starting point:

Once I got most of the way across the quilt, I decided...

... To quilt in a "phantom" plus sign on the corner diagonally across from my original starting point and head back the other way, stopping when the lines merged:

This photo shows the quilting completed with repeating "L's" to fill in the other two corners:

Some binding is all that remains:

I only found two choices that were remotely the right shade:

Done!  This was a fun piece to put together and a joy to complete:

The mini/mug rug was mailed and has since been received.

Libby's reaction:  I love it!!!

My response:  Yay!  I was hoping you might.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to leave me a congratulatory note!  I appreciated each and every comment.  (Except for the raunchy spam comments that have been coming through in the past week or two.  I'm not SEW fond of those.)

Sharing with Kelly


Sharing with Cynthia

Until next time...
Looking forward to the NEXT 10 years!!


  1. LOVE those wonky plus blocks!!!

  2. Thanks, again! I never win anything. I think the quilting is remarkable, but am embarrassed to say that I did not notice the phantom plus. It goes very nicely with my other Joyful mug rug from our swap.

  3. what a cool process! Libby... she's a good person! Glad she won, and you two share something handmade now.

  4. What a fun mug rug! It’s way cool! You rocked the quilting too! Congrats on you 10 years and congrats to Libby!

  5. Fabulous prize and I love phantom quilting! Bonus FUN!

  6. Congratulations to Libby! Love the mini you made. Those wonky plus blocks are really neat - I may have to try some of those!

  7. Super mini! I love how easy it is to see the ghost plus in the quilting on the back. We've been getting that nasty spam, too. Ick.

  8. Great job on the mini. I can see why Libby is so happy. Thanks for linking up with Oh Scrap!


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