Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Wonderful Wednesday - April's Sew/Craft Friends-zy

Welcome to another edition of Wonderful Wednesday!!  This week's post will give you a glimpse into Saturday's Sew/Craft Friends-zy for the month of April.

We had a really small group this time.  There were only 4 quilters and 2 scrapbookers.  I'm not sure how the scrapbookers fared, but the quilters were rocking and rolling!

Here are the pictures from the event...

Lois was able to join us today:

Tiffany is working on a new set of blocks that she found the patter for on Pinterest:

Denise brought her current quilting project:

Look!  Tiffany brought a stack of (two) quilts that she quilting on her friend's stand up longarm:

This is her Log Cabin Block of the Month from years ago:

Her House quilt is finally quilted!  It's been waiting about 15 years:

I tried to get a close-up of the quilting:

There is a LOT of thread on this quilt:

The computer artist is hard at work:

The church Women's Group had a Planning Meeting over brunch:

The paint crew set up in the gym:

Only two scrapbookers were set up today:

Here is Denise's newest quilt top.  Only outer borders remain:

Tiffany got a Westalee Ruler Quilt Kit:

Tiffany's friend didn't know what to do with these blocks...

... SEW...

... Tiffany is cutting them apart to use for her new Pinterest quilt:

Denise has added to her quilt book library:

I like this one from Rob Appell from Man Sewing:

Fields from Above and the tutorial can be found at this LINK:

Tiffany couldn't resist this sewing pocket mat:

It works perfectly with her Featherweight:

This may be Tiffany's NEXT project:

When wondering about the block, Lois posted a Barn Quilt on Facebook.  If you look closely, it's the SAME block!  The coloration is different, but the piecing is the same:

My AQUA filled sewing space, it IS ScrapHappy Saturday, after all!!  I couldn't forget my RSC Quilter friends:

Quilting on my Altered Rainbow Commission Basket:

Denise assesses how much quilting she has gotten done:

Each rail has a different quilting motif:

Although, the motifs are being used more than once:

Stabilizing is complete!  The rest of the quilting will be done at home on my domestic sewing machine:

Lois didn't like the pattern she was working on, so moved on to this easy piecing pattern:

Tiffany finished a block...

... While I moved on to quilting my Herringbone Rainbow Basket:

Sometime later, BOTH panels are quilted:

The scrapbookers are now at work:

Off to lunch, convertible top down:

Tiffany hopes to begin this long term project, if she can discover the pattern name.  Fortunately, I know the quilter who made the quilt and will be able to borrow the pattern:

Additional blocks have been constructed and Tiffany is wondering about sashing and cornerstone options:

My finished basket,  complete with a label:

Here's a closer look:

The paint project of the day...

... And someone painted a rainbow:

Made with a rainbow of colors:

LOVE this painter's palette:

AQUA - for my Rainbow Scrap Challenge friends:

Off on another project, stitching my SECU Table Topper together:

The top is done, but I didn't bring batting or backing:

Squirrel!!!  A small pile of scraps were assembled into this thread catcher sized pieced panel:

Two-thirds of the quilting, DONE:

Tiffany was excited to received her new "Joy Original" scrappy quilted thread catcher:

Here is one side...

... And the other.  Tiffany chose the spotty, dotty binding fabric:

As afternoon turned to evening, Tiffany continued adding blocks:

Wait!!  What's she doing now?  Tiny trimming:

Here she is, trying to hide behind this 1.5" Hourglass block:

Nice try, Tiffany!!!  Hmm... wonder what she's making???  It's time to pack up, so we'll have to wait to see.

Until next time...
Be SEW crafty!!!

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  1. Thanks, everyone, for being crafty!!! Sew much fun to see everyone's projects!


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