Saturday, April 20, 2019

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC19 - Week 16

Welcome to Week 16 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  I am pleased to report that I sewed this week.  More than once!  :o))

Take a look...

SUNDAY - I spent the day with my two best quilting buds.  It was SEW wonderful to see them, again.  It's been AGES since we've been able to get together!  Special thanks to B for inviting us over.

I laid out the blocks for my Pecking Order quilt...

... And paired up columns and sewed blocks together, then grabbed them all up when it was time to go home:

Why, Joyful???

Well, Column 5 gave me a bit of trouble.  Block stack 10 apparently got turned and I noticed, but didn't pay attention to it.  Now, I get to enjoy the inevitable fact of quilting...

If you SEW, so shall you RIP!!!

MONDAY - Thanks to Dee Dee from Quilt Bee, I was able to start an H2H quilt this evening.  She handed TWO bags of blocks over on Saturday.  Inspirations struck after dinner tonight, so I put together a few more of her 4-Patch parts - in AQUA for the RSC, of course:

I'm going to add muslin pieces to fill in each of the larger sections between the 4-Patch blocks to create a quilt:

This should make a nice quilt to contribute to Jack's Basket.

TUESDAY - I received a squishy in today's mail.  I'll post about it in NEXT week's Mail Call Monday.

I also made my 1st two Tiny Tuesday blocks.  First, cutting scraps:

Then sewing the rounds of the Courthouse Steps block:

I'm happy to have done some AQUA sewing:

WEDNESDAY - This morning was Knit Group.  Funny thing...  I never ever took out my yarn!  It was my first time there in a month and there was just too much catching up to do.

Hilary shared her rainbow ADVENTurous Wrap:

(Before and) After lunch we did a bit of shopping, of course, I just had to check out the AQUA rack:

After shopping, I decided that I needed to prepare my hoofies for summer.  Hey!  What else would you do on the first day of the year that it hit the 80* mark on the thermometer?!

What color did you choose, Joyful?!?!

(As if there was any doubt) I chose a lovely shade of deep teal:

Inspired by the fun I had last night, I decided to quilt a bit on my Commission Basket:

If you look closely at the next photo, you MIGHT see the problem:

Removed from the sewing machine, you can see that there are more layers than a quilted item normally requires (or desires) and they are not in the proper order.

Shown below is the quilt top, followed by the batting.  So far, so good!  Next, you see the lining (face up) beneath the batting.  Yep!  That's where things begin to go wrong.  I flipped that piece so you could glimpse the Decor Bond fusible interfacing peeking out of the very bottom of the stack:

Therefore, my trusty seam ripper is at the ready:

The lining of the basket wasn't even supposed to be quilted!!!  Ugh!

THURSDAY - My Weekly Quilt Group (now visited only on occasion) met this morning.  I actually made it there and caught some AQUA in action just around the corner from the meeting:

Jean's current "Kitchen Quilt" offered a selection of AQUA:

As did Cheryl's binding project for the day:

Jean's most recently quilted project was loaded with AQUA...

And, just look what I brought home:

The scrap from Jean's quilt AND this little beauty:

It's an Artist Trading Card made of "starter/stoppers" (my word for the technique I taught my friend when she complained about triangle points being "eaten" by her machine.) Dee Dee found these under her sewing table while cleaning up:

Thank you, Dee Dee, for the super cute ATC!!
It was a happy spot in a sad day for quilters.

Sad day, Joyful???

I found out that the incomparable, Liberated Quiltmaker Extraordinaire, Gwen Marston passed away yesterday.  What a loss for the quilting community at large.  :o((

FRIDAY - It's Friday and I took some time to trim up the last of my Bonus HSTs from my Pecking Order quilt.  Pictured below, one of the closest to our AQUA Color of the Month for the RSC:

I wanted to attend Friday Night Sew-In!!  Well, that was the plan...

SEW... Then, I agreed to sit at my next door neighbor's house.  They are moving back to England soon and had tickets to DPAC, but no one to watch the offspring.  Good neighbor to the rescue.  

That's all fine and good, BUT...

Here is what happened instead:

WEATHER ALERT! Track Severe Weather in Chapel Hill, North Carolina - Click Here to get The Weather Center!

The SEVERE WEATHER turned out to be a TORNADO that went through approximately ONE MILE from our house.  YIKES!!!  That was a LITTLE too close for comfort.

SATURDAY - I'm really surprised by how fast 7 days can pass.  It has somehow rolled around to LINK PARTY day, again.  Please join Angela and the other RSC Quilters for our weekly showcase of the Color of the Month.

Until next time...


  1. So happy to see the tornado ignored your area. Hope no lives were lost. Happy stitching. ;^)

  2. Wow! What a week! Love the nail polish as always. What a fun bag of scraps. Can't wait to see the Jack's Basket quilt all done. Drats on the basket layers. You'll get it fixed in no time. Happy sewing.

  3. Your Pecking Order quilt is wonderful! Sorry about the ripping, though - hope it doesn't take too long. The Courthouse Steps TT blocks look great, too. Aren't those little bitty strips adorable?!

  4. Oh, my, that tornado was way too close for comfort. We get them seldom in the northeast and they are very scary. You have been sew busy and productive. Your tiny aqua courthouse steps blocks are my favorites. I have never seen the Pecking Order quilt before so I looked it up. Very easy. I like the way you used black and white prints for the background. Nice week of sewing. Pretty nails! ... :) Pat

  5. Looks like we both had a "ripping" week. Lots of lovely projects on the go at your place.

  6. What a wonderful week of projects! Love your pecking order quilt!!

  7. Another productive week for you! All your projects are a treat to see.

  8. Busy Lady! Glad the weather passed you by! Happy Easter!

  9. Oo, scary close on the tornado! I'm glad to see that you must be feeling better and got to sew quite a bit this week. Thanks for sharing so many pretty aqua projects from far and wide :)


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