Thursday, March 1, 2018

Scrap Attack - February Mission Accomplished

Welcome to another edition of Scrap Attack Tuesday!!  OK, so I posted it on Thursday.  Whatever!!  This month, I was faced with one hard task and one harder task.  Here is a reminder of February's challenge...

This month's job pull:

2. Per Sarah, Work on a Double Wedding Ring (my antique)

Could you define progress, please???

I took the quilt out of the cabinet.

I even found a quilt back for it.

Bonus points:  It's recycled!!

How would you define Mission Accomplished???

Top and backing have been "airing" on the quilt frame:


Do we have to mention JUST how long it's been airing?!?!

So, MAYBE it's been weeks.  The point is...

It's loaded AND basted...

... Therefore, I'm calling it a WIN!!

That was the first goal.  The next was...

If I have extra time:

1. Give away a big bag of scraps like Sarah!


I didn't just give the scraps away.  I donated them to my local Quilt Guild for their Silent Auction.  They left my sewing room AND raised money for a good cause.  Win-win!!

Thank you again, Sarah, for issuing a challenge to encourage us all to take another look at our scrap stash!  I don't know about anyone else, but this is JUST what I needed to clear some more of my scraps from my studio shelves.

Until next time...
Attack those SCRAPS!!!


  1. Progress is progress no matter the size!

  2. Nice!! PS - Tuesday thrusday - both start with T's - it works for me

  3. That is a beautiful quilt. Airing on the frame for a long time is a necessary part of the process. There, I'm your enabler. lol Who is Kathy who issued the scrap stash challenge?

  4. Ah, yes! The airing of a UFO is important because it gives the brain the breathing space it needs to come up with a quilting pattern. Right? Well, that's how it works at my place anywho!! lol.
    Great place to donate some scrap. You know they are always more valued in someone else's sewing room. ;^)

  5. ooo...that bag of scraps you donated looks like a treasure for someone. I would have definitely bid on it!

  6. Ha! Ha! I love the way you describe your quilt as "airing" right now. :D Yes! I definitely would consider this progress! It's no longer suffocating being folded up somewhere!

  7. I say, if you call it a win then it's a win! Way to go!

  8. Sandwiching is our least favorite task in quilting, so as far as we're concerned, you made great progress!


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