Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Tidy Up Tuesday - H2H & Quilty Orphan Adoption

Welcome to another edition of Tidy Up Tuesday!!  This week, I wanted to share a couple of things going on out in BlogLand.  You may have already heard the news, but I thought it was worth repeating, on the off chance that these aren't blogs you follow.

What's this about H2H, Joyful???

Have YOU heard about Hands2Help?  H2H is an annual Charity Quilt Challenge hosted by Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict.  I've decided to participate this year and wanted to afford you the opportunity, as well.  It seemed like it could be a really good pairing for my UFO Club goals.  More on that in the coming weeks/months.  (See?!  Even YOU have time for this one!!  The mailing date is June 1st.)

Hurry!!  Noon on Saturday is the deadline for Sarah's special sign-up drawing for a beautiful bundle of blue fabric!!  Visit her website for all the details and the charities to benefit.  (She also hosted a Blog Hop to share scrappy quilt projects to make for the event.)

Quilting is more fun than Housework

Quilty Orphan Adoption?  Huh???

I also wanted to make sure that YOU had the opportunity to pull some projects and write up a post for participating in Cynthia's Quilty Orphan Adoption event.  She blogs at Quilting is more fun than Housework and is a great resource when it comes to using up fabric scraps.

I have missed the last couple of events and hope to join in the fun this time around.  That's why I started early.  Let's see if it helps!

How does that have ANYTHING to do with Tidy Up, Joyful???

Well, Cynthia encourages us to go through our projects and fabrics.  Not just go through them... she wants us to choose one, two, or ten to purge by offering them up for adoption.

Thursday through Saturday of this week is the time to link-up on Cynthia's web page.  You set your own time frame and guidelines for selecting the quilter who will rehome your projects or stash bits.  Check out the link provided for more information.

Up for grabs from my studio...


You'll have to wait for Thursday's post (because I haven't quite decided between my available options.)  It may be JUST the project or fabric that you've been looking for!

All items must be offered for FREE (or FREE + the cost of postage, if that works better for your families budget.)

Until next time...
Giving feels SEW good!!


  1. Not quite tidy up as you mean it, but I did tidy up my scraps yesterday and got all the print cut to size and put away! It's always so nice to have a cleaned up and organized quilting space.

  2. Not tidy... but hey I have a goal to finish a quilt to ship off to the Hands2help charity! Thanks for the info I signed up this morning.

  3. I'm thinking the mystery blocks would make a great H2H donation quilt.

  4. I'm excited about H2H and have all kinds of plans lurking in my head! Alas, I can't do the orphan adoption because I'll be out of the country until early June. But one of the H2H charities wants only tops, not completed quilts, so I'm using that as a push to get some flimsies made up from my scraps :)


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