Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Wonderful Wednesday @ Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival


Welcome to this week's edition of Wonderful Wednesday!!  This week's post takes you to The Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival.  I didn't want you to miss this, in case you weren't there in real life or didn't catch the same quilts that I did.  It was 3 weeks ago in Hampton, Virginia and I kept thinking that I would sort through the photos and write up several posts.  That hasn't happened.  So here's what I've got...  One giant post with a crap ton of photos!  I tried to document maker's information, along the way.  Enjoy the show!

These photos were shown in THIS post...

Here is the rest of the story...

A neighbor on the bus won a book with this quilt in it:

Just look at this border:

Challenge and Special Exhibit quilts were our first stop and these are just a few of my favorite entries:

Next came some shopping, along with a couple remarkable quilts:

Then it was on the show entries:

Don't miss this spectacular thread painted wonder:

Here's a close-up, but double click to get an even better look:

The quilt's well deserved blue ribbon:

More challenge quilts:

That's where things get a little fuzzy and displays get confused...

Some items from the Hoffman Challenge:

Other quilts that caught my eye...

And this amazing quilt from one of my Hillsborough neighbors:

Check out this close-up!!  Denim was used in the making:

I had a bit of a fan girl moment with Dusty Farrell:

Friends filled with fabric pheromones:

I hope YOU enjoyed my view of the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival.  Looking back at my photos, I was somewhat surprised to see the mix.  Scrappy!!  Of course.  Art.  Yes.  Modern.  What?  See?!  That was a bit of a surprise.  Whatever the style, there were SEW many wonderful quilts!

Until next time...
Show me a quilt!!!


  1. Wow! Great quilts. I'm still figuring out that border on the quilt in the book... ~Jeanne

  2. That's a lot of pretty quilts!

  3. Thanks for the tour. I've always heard it is a great show.

  4. Thanks so much for sharing these wonderful Quilts with those of us who could not see them in person. I spent an hour marveling at the talent of these quilt artists.

  5. That's a lot of WOW in one place!

  6. Wow! What a great show. Thanks for the eye candy. LOVE the wonky dresdens and the one with the paint brushes. Creative!

  7. What great quilts! Thanks for sharing.


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