Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Wonderful Wednesday - International Quilting Day

Welcome to the next edition of Wonderful Wednesday!!  This week I'd like to share what I did on International Quilting Day.  I hope YOU are ready for another...


... Because that is what you're in for today.  Grab a cuppa, relax, and enjoy Quilting From The Heart, a quilt show sponsored by the Capital Quilters Guild, Raleigh, North Carolina.

This is the first quilt we saw upon entry.  The Best of Show:

The ribbons and a close-up of some of the quilting:

Don't adjust your monitor.  The entry is call All Colour to No Color.  I can't imagine having this much gray in my fabric stash:

Wandered in and out of vendor booths on the main isle and got distracted by this beauty:

Wait!!  I know who did this one!!  It was hanging at Cary Quilting Company, in Cary, North Carolina - because the owner made it:

Continuing around the perimeter and visiting vendors, I took this photo for Knittingsuek, who has recently become interested in the art of wool applique:

This rainbow-ish quilt decorated the Silent Auction booth:

Look at the fun backing:

And a shot of the label ( to let the maker know that I try to give credit) even though my phone doesn't always focus properly:

Rainbow quilt at the Wish Upon a Quilt booth:

Ever on the lookout for rainbow quilts to share with my fellow RSC Quilters who participate in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge:

A couple more rainbow quilts:

Sometimes, I can't recall why I took a photo.  Usually, I do... 

Color combo:

Green for the March Color of the Month for the RSC:

Wow factor:


I took this photo for Needleb:

How often do YOU see a yellow quilt:

I'm SEW pleased to have been able to meet-up with my Ravelry friend, Graylagran, who lives in the area:

Here we are with the lovely piece of wooden quilt are she bought:

Wait!!  Get a shot with me and Helena:

Now, back to the quilts...

This photo is for Cheryl K:

Loved this quilt and found that it was made by a former beemate:

OMG!!!  This person's 1st attempt at machine quilting feathers:

I'm pretty sure this was at Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival:

Interesting block:

Made with denim:

Helena thought B would like to see this quilt...

... But I thought she might like to see this one:

I was interested in the construction of this quilt's border:

Helena liked this one:

A closer look gave an entirely different picture:

This was a fun quilt for fussy cutting your favorite fabrics:

This is in my Joyful Iris Garden quilt:

Fun with Flying Geese:

Fun with circles:

Another interesting border:

Helena like the quilting on this one:

The guild's challenge quilts:

Capital Quilters Guild (rainbow!) raffle quilt:

The guild's charity programs:

And... one for the art quilt lovers:

Happy International Quilting Day and Goodbye, CQG!!

Until next time...
What a way to spend a day!!!


  1. Fun tour! Lots of inspiration. I'll expect to see at least half of these in your production this year ;-)

  2. Wow, lots of gorgeousness! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Lots of beautiful quilts - Wow! Thanks for sharing. Are you from the Raleigh area? I'm somewhat familiar with the area because my son and his family live around there. I love the Cary Quilt Company. ~Jeanne

  4. Wow! Eye candy galore. Thank you for sharing. ;^)

  5. Thanks for all the pictures! I really enjoyed this post!

  6. Goodness!!! This one needed a breakfast and a lunch!! What a fabulous day! And all those Ah-Mazing quilts!!!!

  7. Wow! What a lot of great quilts. That first one, the grey -- I can't imagine finding that many greys. I've been at two quilts shops lately and have found very few grey fabrics. The one with green diagonal squares on white really stands out to me (maybe because I'm making a set with diagonal squares). The others are wonderful, too. Thanks so much for sharing.

  8. Thanks for the great virtual quilt show - wish I could have joined you all. I liked all the quilts you picked for me to a whole lot more!

  9. Thanks a lot for the tour. My favorites were the Almost Amish, a striking design. I could hug that little fox to bits.

  10. Wow! Thanks for the eye candy! I especially liked the fox quilt and the stunning dragonfly quilt.


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