Saturday, March 24, 2018

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC18 - Week 12

Welcome to Week 12 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  The week?  It passed in a blur, as they are wont to do. Do they do that at your house, too??

This is how I spent the moments I was able to capture...

SUNDAY - I spent the day catching up on paperwork.  The taxes are due in less than a month and they don't seem to do themselves!

MONDAY - I haven't attended a sorority function in AGES.  This evening's event was too interesting to pass up!!  Would you care to guess what we did???

We took in a 3-hour painting class at Wine and Design in Chapel Hill, NC.  I'm not much of an artist, but it was a TON of fun:

TUESDAY - Happy Spring!!!  Grocery shopping after a quick trip to the LYS (local yarn store) and a simple dinner with DS2.  You can't get much simpler than an in-store baked chicken!!

WEDNESDAY - And for the first day of Spring...

MORE SNOW!!!  Fortunately, it melted away in the rain that came afterwards and it didn't impact travel, at all.

THURSDAY - Another day just like the other days, only this time there is a new quilt laying across the frame.  It's Dr. Pete's Wedding Quilt and I am quickly running out of time to complete it:

FRIDAY - Carolina Fiber Fest with friends from my Knit Group.  Oh what FUN we had on our excursion!

Here we are ready to shop:

More about that in next week's Wonderful Wednesday post.

I did a bit of quilting this afternoon.  (Thank you, Angela of Quilting is My Therapy!  Your Free Motion Challenge Quilting Along is filled with good tips and tricks.)  Here is (an off the cuff version of) Angela's Leafy Meander on a scrappy basket base:

LOOK!!  There's a bit of LIGHT/BRIGHT GREEN for the RSC.  You'll have to zoom in to see any evidence of leaves, though.  Oops!  I should have taken a picture of the back of the piece.

SATURDAY - It's that day, again!!  LINK PARTY day over on So Scrappy blog.  Angela hosts the Rainbow Scrap Challenge and I am eternally grateful to her.  Thanks for giving my month a focus!!  Or a distraction, as the case may be.  :o))

Oh, geez!!  I missed Clue 5 of Libby's Magical Mystery yesterday!  Off to get caught up...

** Click over to Preeti's blog to read about a special give away!!!  (Quilt Diva Julie requested that we exercise our spirit of giving, so I am posting this to honor her request.)

She's trying to raise money for a special little boy with HUGE medical costs.  His mother is a quilter, too.  You can find Amy's blog HERE (although, it is currently more about sweet little Axel than about quilts.  Understandably so.)

Until next time...
Get Scrappy!!!


  1. Looks like you had a fun week!

  2. Wow, you were busy! I'd have liked going on your excursions. They sound interesting.
    I've also been following along with Axel and Amy thanks to Preeti. What a huge heart she has!

  3. Those wine and painting places are fun! Glad you had fun with friends this week!

  4. I didn't know you were doing the Free Motion Challenge Quilting Along - so am I! You do stay busy! ~Jeanne

  5. Hello, thanks for your kind comment about my sailing by quilt, husband was very pleased!! I can't believe how much you have fitted into a snowy week while I have been reading thrillers, doing the crossword and generally lazing about on the other side of the world. Our snow is gone now and I am starting a new quilt, the daffodils are out and I feel life is beginning again. Lovely to chat to you,
    Best wishes for a Happy Easter,

  6. What a fun week. Now you are an artist with paints as well as fabric.

  7. You've had a busy week, but it sounds like a ton of fun. Thanks for the link to Angela's freemotion challenge. I need to practice!

  8. Sounds like a fun filled week!

  9. It certainly seems like the weeks just evaporate around here too. I've done one of those wine and paint events. But I stuck with water, I'm not the best artist stone cold sober. Everyone ended up with very pretty paintings. Happy stitching this next week.

  10. Busy, but mostly fun week ;) Love that turquoise scrap in the quilt

  11. You certainly squeeze lots into your week!

  12. Good luck finishing that quilt. I took care of our taxes this week. Whew!

  13. A very productive week. Your FMQ looks good.

  14. I think we all just think to ourselves - if I just get through this busy week next week will be calmer! Unfortunately.... that calm week never seems to appear! Love the wedding quilt. Guess I should start my graduation quilt.... this weekend if it kills me. I think I don't have anything planned other than an Easter dinner!

  15. You look lovely in your green jacket. Sending hugs and warm wishes to you. Thank you so much for sharing Axel's cause. He is such an adorable little boy, my heart overflows with love every time I see his picture.

  16. My goodness, you are a busy lady. Love that beautiful nine patch on point!!!


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