Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Wonderful Wednesday - Fiber Fumes

Welcome to another edition of Wonderful Wednesday!!  I'm here to tell you about my Knitting Excursion from this past Friday.

An early morning appointment at the local coffee shop...

... Was followed by a(nother) trip to Raleigh.  Back to the Fairgrounds for a completely different experience.

Our first sighting was a unicorn in a "knit" dress:

Ashley from Twist Fiber Studio took a group shot for us:

 Carolina Fiber Fest in the Kerr Scott Building at the Fairgrounds:

The Fiber Studio out of Charlotte had kits made up...

... For this lovely Find Your Fade Shawl:

This adorable sign was a gift for the owner of Mountain Top Fibers:

Super soft yarn from a new-to-me dyer, Haute Knit Yarn:

Fun speckled yarn at Cozy Color Works:

LOOK!!  A quilty project bag at Twist:

Another fun print:

Another really cute sign at Sheepish Creations:

More cute project bags at an unidentified booth:

Sorry about that!  The shop owner had her baby with her.  That little girl had the biggest blue eyes imaginable!!!

I said hello to Elizabeth at Wolle's Yarn Creations...

... And to Natasha at The Unplanned Peacock:

Dan Tracy Designs had the most beautiful wooden shawl pins that started out as scissor holders and some are still made that way:

Empty Pockets Alpaca Farm had magnetic metal shawl pins and I brought the one on the bottom right home with me since it coordinated with my earrings from Spiral Studio:

Here I am, giving the pin a try:

Beth and Cindy each go a henna tattoo:

At this booth for the Sonali Club of Raleigh:

They offered a range of pricing for henna tattoos:

The "hot" sweater for our group was the So Faded by Andrea Mowry:

I had fun building a palette around the bright yarn in the center.  Party Time was given to me as a gift last year:

Three tired, but happy shoppers:

Oh!  A quilted (or at least piecework) tote bag:

Not in this color or size, but I think I may have to make Joji Locatelli's Boxy Sweater:

A truly quilted tote:

Lunch time at Alpaca in Cary:

It's reasonably priced...

... And delicious:

Next stop...

... Warm and Fuzzy in Cary:

Colorful sheep decorations:

TONS of specialty hand dyed yarn:

I came for the Copper Penny by Hedgehog Fibres.  It's the orange one, if you hadn't guessed:

Playing with building a So Faded Sweater and changed out the lightest color over on the left:

Tried dropping off the teal color and adding both lights:

What if I used them ALL???  Tough choice:

Adorable artwork:

I really want them ALL... but can I justify the expense...

Here's another way to look at the grouping:

Beware of the Shop Dog:

This picture is for Candy, who is/was making a Happypotamus, but ran into a bit of a problem the the crochet:

Goodbye, Warm and Fuzzy:

This visit was all about the YARN!!  Special thanks to Stacy for driving.  It was a pleasure to be able to sit in the back and make some good progress on my Hoodie Shawl Cardigan.

Until next time...
She KNITS, too!!!


  1. My hands went to sleep just looking at the yarn. After seeing the mountain of boxes of fabric we've moved, it's probably a good thing I'm unable to knit.

  2. A great day! Such beautiful yarn and bags! I've only been to Warm and Fuzzy once but loved that shop. It would have been a tough day to keep the credit card under control. ;) ~Jeanne

  3. Love your green jacket! How long do henna tattoos last? Love all the sheep graphics and project bags! (It was a little about quilting, too!)

  4. What a fun journey!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I don't do any yarn crafts, but I love looking at the rich colors in yarns. Looks like a fun trip.

  6. WOW! I love all your shopping and all those gorgeous yarns. Fun shawl pins. Great photos of your day. <3


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