Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Wonderful Wednesday - A Scrappy Exchange

Welcome to another edition of Wonderful Wednesday!!  This week I am pleased to share...

Another Quilted Yarn Bowl in the making:

And done:

Remember that one... because you will likely see another like it in the coming weeks.  :o))

I neglected to take any flat photos of the next basket:

I attempted Ribbon Quilting on the basket made from Sandy's recently gifted scraps:

I incorporated PURPLE scraps...

... For February's Rainbow Scrap Challenge Color of the Month:

The lining is a wild FQ that I received in a "Dirty Santa" Swap back in December 2016:

The two-toned PURPLE binding was added since the basket was completed as one of February's RSC projects:

In talking with NeedleB, a couple of light bulbs went off...

... I sewed the off-cuts from my Quilted Yarn Bowl...

... Into a small rectangular Pin Cushion:

Just how small is it, Joyful???

It is approximately 1.5" x 4.5" and that is a challenge to hand finish, let me tell you!  It is to be used on NeedleB's sewing machine bed during future sewing sessions:

Her idea was to use the corner cut-outs from her Fiona Basket in Neutral as the basis for a Quilted Thread Catcher:

What size basket does that make, Joyful???

Here is MY new Quilted Thread Catcher, as presented by NeedleB:

She didn't think it was right for the maker of Quilted Thread Catchers (for our entire Quilt Bee) not to have one of her own.  Hooray for someone else making it for me!!!  Thank again, B!!

Until next time...
Exchange ideas!!!


  1. Great baskets and I just love that little pincushion. So cute.

  2. There's no waste coming from your sewing room today! You're basket are cute and colorful.

  3. Your quilted yarn bowls are so cute! I think making them could be addicting 😉! Making the adorable pincushions with the scraps is a great idea. ~Jeanne

  4. Those are adorable, and a great use of scraps!

  5. You and NeedleB are so cute! Love all your joint sewing sessions.

  6. Sew cute! The last time I had quilted corners to cut off (from a tote bag pattern), I stuffed them with batting scraps and a bit of cat nip. Then I stitched them closed with a little bit of ribbon hanging out as a "tail." My cat loved them! Hmm. I wonder where they went? Under the couch, no doubt...

  7. That is too cute! When I saw the first photo I thought, "I have a lot of those fabrics." Then you said the scraps were from me! I really did laugh out loud. haha


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