Monday, February 12, 2018

Mail Call Monday - The Outgoing Variety - Secret Sewing

Welcome to another installment of Mail Call Monday!!  This post is actually about Mail Call Monday in Reverse.  It's mail that I sent out and have been waiting for it to be received.

Here is the feedback...

Belinda:  JOY!!!!!!  "what a beautiful quilted box. will use it to hold weaving stuff. thank you so much."

Libby:  It arrived yesterday!  All those tiny pieces!  And my favorite color!  Perfect!

Here is what they got...

For Belinda, I started with some fun scrap piecing by adapting Fiona's tutorial for a QAYG fabric basket - I didn't use a Quilt-as-you-go method, nor did I use the same sized base piece:

Then I did some straight line quilting:

Presto-chango!  And add some binding:

I give you a quilted "yarn bowl":

A "brim" can be folded down, if the bowl is too tall to suit:


Or down...

It's a gift that I was pleased to give.  Use it any way you see fit, B, just know that it was made with love.

For Libby, I started with a handful of red 1" squares and a design:

The iPad photo was for pattern reference.  Sorry, unknown blogger!  I used your photo to check the angle positioning, not to mimic your quilt.  Notice:  My version is totally random and scrappy!

Then I started matching up pairs of squares:

And pairs of pairs which equaled rows:

Followed by pairs of rows - and sewed those to make halves:

The quilt top was assembled and flattened as best as possible:

You may remember this photo from a previous post:

Then it was on to figuring out the borders...

And doing the quilting:

You wouldn't think that something SEW small would take such a LONG time to complete.  Alas, that is how this project rolled.

Here is the complete mug rug:

Smile for the camera:

(A staged shot...) Ready to put into service:

Until next time...
Surprise a friend with sewing!!!


  1. Wow, those are some teeny tiny squares! And it looks good too. I am impressed with your skills!

  2. Wow! That mug rug is amazing. Beautiful work.

  3. Love the basket and the mug rug! You definitely make some gorgeous things from some small scraps. ~Jeanne

  4. wow i love your beautiful work ,you have done really well ,i am your newest follower hope you will visit and follow me too,i have enjoyed seeing your work xx

  5. The yarn bowl turned out beautifully, as did your mug rug. Those are so so tiny pieces there!

  6. Such a cute mini-mini! You didn't put it on the longarm?! JK! Love all your photos on this post.

  7. Wow, Joy! What patience!
    I might have been tempted to stop at the first star! But then again I do have a star just like that in my bits and pieces ..... ooooh, you’ve given me another idea to go on my “list”!
    Two wonderful gifts! What lucky ladies!
    Barbara xx

  8. Such loving and thoughtful gifts! Seems like the time to make a quilt doesn't really depend on the SIZE of the pieces, just the NUMBER of pieces...right up until you start quilting it :)

  9. Another sweet basket for a lucky person! It seems that big pieces take lesss time than small ones. No precision involved.

  10. SO cute! I think I need to get my eyes checked, though. I couldn't for the life of me figure out what a YAM bowl is. LOL LOL

  11. I LOVE what you do AND your spirit......Quilt on!

  12. Wow, such a beautiful quilt design. Love those smaller projects so I can get them done.

  13. Wow! That is an awesome mug mat! I'm just getting started with piecing with small pieces...the resulting blocks are just so darn cute!

  14. I love the tall/shorter basket. Fabric buckets are fun to make. And Wow! That star is amazingly small and beautiful. Lucky friends.

  15. Both projects are just lovely! No wonder your friends were happy :) xx

  16. Lots of tiny pieces with great results!

  17. Beautiful bowl and mug rug. I can't believe how small that mug rug is! Amazing.

  18. Both projects are lovely but the mug rug is absolutely adorable!


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