Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Tidy-Up Tuesday - {Quilted Basket} Challenge - Take Four

Welcome to another edition of Tidy-Up Tuesday!! My friend Judy @ Busy Hands are Happy Hands and I are up to our old tricks.  Throughout 2020, we have had a series of Quilted Basket Challenges as part of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.

Here's where we left off in June, Quilted Basket Challenge, Take Three was Dark Blue:

Baskets in a variety of other colors were made in other years.

This month, I needed a (bigger) RED Quilted Basket for the RSC.  My smaller (non-quilted) basket was overflowing:


I commented on Judy's blog post:

On Sep 1, 2020, at 8:36 AM, The Joyful Quilter wrote:

 The Joyful Quilter has left a new comment on your post "ScrapHappy Saturday August 29":

What a lovely bunch of PURPLE Easy Breezy blocks to finish out the month, Judy! Are you up for a RED basket challenge for September??? I could stand to add a larger container for my scraps.

Judy's response soon followed:

You are on, Joy!  Let’s do it! I’ve cleared a shelf and everything! 

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What happened then, Joyful???

Quilted Basket Challenge, Take Four...

I had other projects to focus on prior to starting on my basket, but decided to work on it as I created my Hello Fall Blog Hop project:

The Leader/Ender thing actually worked this time:

By the time my Hop project was done, I had made a really good start on my RED Quilted Scrap Basket:

Next came sewing and pressing pairs of pairs...

... And since the Leader/Ender thing was working well for me, I decided to make some progress on my niece's wedding quilt while assembling the pieces of my RED Quilted Scrap Basket:

Chunks were sewn together:

This was the preliminary layout that I posted on Due Day...

You see, Judy and I had decided to share our COMPLETED baskets at Angela's LINK PARTY on September 26th.  With the deadline in the books and NO basket to show for it, I finally assembled my scrappy RED basket panel:

Then, it was time to choose a lining for my basket...

That's where this J. Crew shirt comes into play:

While it was one of the most beautifully made shirts I've seen in a long while, the weight of the fabric and its various shades of RED would make a great lining:

I only felt bad for about a minute after disassembling (deboning?) the shirt before I had it layered up with my basket panel and a scrap piece of batting...

... Pinned and ready for quilting:

I try to do something a little different on each basket:

Matchstick quilting was my weapon of choice for this one:

NOT the best option when you are in a hurry (or if you get bored easily!), but if there's no rush (and your deadline has passed, anyway), it adds a LOT of texture to any quilted piece:

Trimmed and assembled into a basket shape...

... I chose a binding from the Scrap Binding drawer:

This empty bobbins shows that I had NO THREAD left after attaching the binding and stitching it down...

Thread chicken?  I win!!!  :o))

Amazingly enough, there was JUST ENOUGH to finish sewing down the binding!!  The end of the thread pulled out of the bobbin as I took the basket from the machine...

... Promptly loaded it with my RED fabric scraps...

... And took pictures...

... From every side:

I dumped the scraps on the sewing table to take my new Quilted Scrap Basket out into the garden...

For a photo with one of the LAST Blackeyed Susans of the season:

On the porch rail:

With the LAST white iris of the (third) season of this year:

Oh!  Let's not forget a shot with DH's latest toy:

Here is one final shot in the late afternoon sunshine, to give you a better look at the binding I chose and another look at the glorious texture that I quilted into my RED Quilted Scrap Basket:

Sharing with Cynthia

Until next time...
Scrapping to infinity (and beyond!!)

Just one more photo of the bottom of the basket, which I was hoping (a little of this section) would make it up onto a side:


  1. Oh my heart! I love the plaid lining! You might have been late for the last ScrapHappy post, but you hit the ball out of the park! And it still is September! Great job! Let’s do the November- December ones! 😊

  2. PS: How big was your slab before making the basket shape?

  3. Great basket! How do you run out of thread at the exact correct time?????? I always run out 5" short...... ~Jeanne

  4. its perfect!! and the lining is the best ha ha!!

  5. Great basket. I'm loving my red basket. Thanks again!

  6. Beautiful basket, Joy. I love the textural quilting and the gorgeous lining. Who's missing a shirt in your house? Lol!

  7. Great basket. And remember to buy a new shirt for whoever need it now.

  8. Oh, that's great! I love the plaid shirt used for the binding!

  9. Fun basket (and I love that lining), and delightful photo shoot! Yay for you winning at thread chicken!

  10. You rock, girl. My scrap basket is still a heap of scrap, lol. Great job! ;^)

  11. Great scrap basket! And, my it is so photogenic. If you use an AccuQuilt Pam recommended using the plastic mats as base for purses or baskets. I haven't tried it yet but it just might be good idea.


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