Sunday, September 20, 2020

Sew Some Love Sunday - LWR - Arrival of the 1st Quilt Top

Welcome to another edition of Sew Some Love Sunday!!  In last week's post, my good friend Needleb was here sorting through squares to take home with her, the mail truck delivered a squishy.  I guessed what might be inside and braved the germs to see if I was right.  Were YOU able to guess why I was SEW excited?

And I was.  Right, that is!!  :o))

Who can't use a bit of happy mail about now?  Since Needleb doesn't get very many packages, I thought she might like to see what was inside this package:

In last week's update, a few readers speculated...

Bet you found more squares in the mail. Bless you both. Donating quilts is a great thing to do!

Great job, Joy and team LWR! More squares?!

Well,  those were great guesses, but...

Inside that package was the 1st quilt top for our Lutheran World Relief effort:

Sending out a special thank you to Nancy R. from Texas...

... who kindly donated this colorful quilt top.  She doesn't have a blog or IG account for me to link to, but I appreciate her contribution just the same!

Nancy went out of her way to track down my information when I didn't get back to her.  You see, for some reason her comment didn't come thru on the blog.  Weird, huh?

Well, that quilt top didn't last long in my driveway...

One cute quilt top, my packed schedule this month, and Needleb's kind heart spelled out a recipe for an intervention:

She immediately asked if she could take it home with her.  Such a good friend, that one!  :o))

Lightening my load and...

... Asking yet another question that I hadn't really considered.

What are you going to back that quilt with, Joyful???

Well, given the success of our collection effort, as B. so innocently pointed out when she picked up her squares, we are going to need MORE quilt backings than I had been prepared to provide. 

Here's where YOU come in!!!

What is really needed at this point is quilt backs.  Currently, the need is for 5 or 10 quilt backings.  Chunks of yardage sewn into a pieced backing, an extra piece of a wide backing fabric, or lengths of yardage sewn into a minimum of 70" x 90" or max a of 75" x 95" to go with the 700 squares and one quilt top received!!  If you have a quilt back ready for a project that size or if you would like to make one for us to use, please leave a comment below and let me know.

Sending a shout out to the following contributors...

First, Knittingsuek answered last week's call for small or large contributions to the LWR Batting Fund here at The Joyful Quilter.

Next, Judy @ Busy Hands are Happy Hands left the following comment:

Joy, I’d love to send some $$. Let me know your PayPal info and I’ll get a donation off to you, today! This is a huge undertaking for you! You are amazing!

Her donation was split between the Batting Fund and the Shipping fund.

Then, Alycia @ Alycia Quilts commented with the following:

Oh how I love this!! ( send the paypal email please) and what a fun cement couch you have haha ... I love the Beverly hillbillies - remember they had their cement pond in the back yard.... bwahh haha ha!!

Thank you SEW much for joining Nancy and Needleb in supporting our Lutheran World Relief Mission Quilt effort, you three!

Here's a better look at the cheerful quilt top sent by Nancy R:

Until next time...
Be SEW charitable!!! 


  1. Nice going, Joyful! And that quilt top is very pretty!

  2. Awesome!! Bravo Nancy, NeedleB and you too Joy! You make my heart smile. ;^)

  3. Wonderful to see so many quilters sewing for charity during this pandemic!

  4. Great cause! Now I'm posting to see if my comments are coming through. You know I've been a follower and FRIEND for years!

  5. Sound like you are off to a great start on your charity efforts.

  6. Quilt top! Yay! How's the backing and batting drive going? At one of our churches we buy single flat sheets in the markdown section at Walmart and use those for backing. Our buyer waits until they come down to $3 each. I should add that those quilts are tied. But they're not the dense weave, so I think they would longarm fine.


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