Saturday, September 5, 2020

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC20 - Week 36

Welcome to Week 36 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  It's transition week at the RSC.  We will put away our PURPLE fabric scraps and pull out a new color.  That happens on Tuesday.

Until then...

My PURPLE Palace awaits, along with burying the thread tails on the quilt that just came off the longarm:

SUNDAY - This morning, I released another Sew Some Love Sunday post.  Check it out!  You won't believe what arrived in this large Priority Mail box for our Lutheran World Relief project:

Today was a 
very special day.  It was the day that I got to meet Preeti @ Sew Preeti Quilts.  On a Zoom call, of course:

She is SEW delightful!!  (Just don't get her going on current hot topics.)  Preeti is energetic and inventive.  She has a LOT going on in her sewing room, but I'll let her reveal that information when the time is right.

Our meeting was made possible by LeeAnn @ Not Afraid of Color, who has spoken with Preeti in the past.  She joined us today:

MONDAY - Mail Call!!!  I released a new post.  Would you like a sneak peek at what arrived?  Just look at this envelope:

I finished up my friend's quilt last night and she came to pick it up this morning:

Today ended up being a stay-at-home day.  I released a new Tidy Up Tuesday post.  Here's a preview:

Angela posted the Color of the Month early, but I missed it.  Find the color announcement HERE.  As there were only two colors remaining for the year, it was a toss-up, but September is:


After dinner I managed to do a bit of work on my secret sewing project. No worries!  It will only be a secret for a few more weeks.

I also dug out my RED scraps:

WEDNESDAY - Yesterday, I issued a RED Basket Challenge to Judy @ Busy Hands Are Happy Hands.  Here was her reply:

"You are on, Joy!  Let’s do it! I’ve cleared a shelf and everything!"

This morning Knittingsuek stopped by:

The cable guy was here, too.  Faster internet was today BIG thing!

After lunch, I enjoyed choosing fabrics for this month's mini quilt:

Later, as I waited for time to zoom with LeeAnna, I decided that I should assemble the rows of my Weekly Quilt Group's Pineapple Pieces quilt to be donated to a hospital in Winston Salem:

After our phone call (because Zoom didn't happen today), I loaded the next quilt on the frame:

Dinner happened and then I put those RED scraps to work:

THURSDAY - Today was a Zoom-y day!  I enjoyed ZoomBEE with these lovely quilters first thing this morning:

Between meetings,  I put up my RED Kitchen Quilt:

This one dates back to my Quilter's Play Group days, prior to the start of my blog, so pre-July 2010.  We experimented with a different technique at each meeting and we're challenged to complete a piece using the method by the following meeting.

Here I am waiting for ...

... My catch-up Zoom with LeeAnna:

Afterwards, I was inspired to get a start on quilting the next client quilt:

FRIDAY - ZoomKNIT met this morning.  Here I am, in my SHEEP HAPPENS shirt from SAFF 2019...

... Ready to knit the cuff of my 2nd Halloween Sock while chatting with my friends from Knit Group:

After nearly TWO YEARS, I am pleased to provide this sock report for Jeanne @ Loving Retirement (and anyone else who enjoys seeing random knitting on my quilting blog) here in my Fraternal Twins Socks with the remaining yarn and coordinating project bag:

And for the 2nd time this week...

I finished quilting a quilt on the longarm:

I still have to roll it off the machine (and bury the thread tails), but I'm calling it DONE!!  :o))

More about this one in an upcoming post.

SATURDAY - It's LINK PARTY day over at Angela's So Scrappy blog!!  Are you ready to see what my fellow RSC Quilters have done with their RED fabric scraps this week?  I'm headed there now.

Until next time...
Be SEW scrappy!!


  1. I love following your week and I really like the tshirt

  2. Sheep happens! Love it! Congrats on the faster internet, and on your busy happy life!

  3. Your kitchen quilt in black, white, and red is so much fun! You were a modern quilter long before I had even heard of that!

  4. Oh, I love the little which on the bag with the socks! I'm impressed you got 2 socks done...... from someone who only seems to make one sock! Hehehe.... Busy but fun week.

  5. you got so much done! Always... plus you balance it with work and friends

  6. You had another busy week! Lots of quilting and visits, so important to stay involved!

  7. A wonderfully fruitful week (pineapples - fruit - get it?). Purple Palace is a stunner. That's so clever how the colours transition.

  8. Your weeks are always so busy. Just reading this post, I need a nap. lol. Have fun with the reds. ;^)

  9. So are the fraternal socks finished? They look adorable!

  10. I love that t-shirt!
    Good for you for zooming along and getting so much done!

  11. Fun shirt! Love it! Congratulations on getting to the finish line with your socks! Sounds like you're as happy as I am about the Zoom meetings ... sure beats no meeting! You can quarantine us but you can't keep us from still reaching out .... Zoom, blogs, etc!


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