Monday, September 28, 2020

Mini Monday - The Quilted Cake

Welcome to another edition of Mini Monday!!  I'm here to share my most recent mini quilt finish.  It is SUPER special and was a fun and festive project.

I started a week before the BIG event, by pulling my purple scrap basket...

... And choosing a backing fabric:

Next, I selected the layers of my cake.  Patterning on the fabric on the top layer of the cake resembled an 80, which was SEW perfect for the birthday girl:

Then came the baking... er... sewing:

The candle and flame were a bit problematic, as I didn't actually FOLLOW the tutorial!!

... I auditioned flames for the candle that would be added:

Instead of piecing the candle, I ultimately chose to quilt it in and I appliqued a flame-shaped snippet of fabric on by hand:

I wasn't feeling the machine zig-zag thing, so I added a scrap of binding from the Binding Scrap Drawer and called it DONE:

The photo shoot ensued...

In the Black-eyed Susans:

With the blooming monkey (grass):

By the last of the white iris:

Amazingly enough, this interior shot shows off the quilting the best:

The design idea came from THIS tutorial from Sarah Ruiz Quilts.

I enjoyed making the piece my own way.

Whooping it Up with Sarah

Until next time...
Celebrate with friends!!!


  1. That is just so cute, Joy, and I like the way you made the candle! I bet your friend loves it. Did you use regular batting for this, or add anything stiffer?

  2. This is darling. I bet she LOVES it! ~Jeanne

  3. What a super little project. Quilting the message was genius!

  4. What a cool cake! Almost makes me wish I was turning 80. Betting Joanna will feel really special on her special day with her special cake!

  5. This is the perfect gift! It’s sew cute!


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