Sunday, March 15, 2020

Sew Some Love Sunday - {Wrap-up for} #bushfireblocks

Welcome to another Sew Some Love Sunday!!  Today, I'm here to share the final result of my collection of #bushfireblocks.  Well, that AND the final package to arrive.  The Wollongong Modern Quilt Guild put out a call for tree-themed blocks.  As you will see below, my quilting friends answered that call.

Drum roll, please...

Here it is!  The final delivery for inclusion in the package to be mailed to Australia:

Inside that Priority Mailer...

Were these blocks from Sandy @quiltpraylove on Instagram:

Thank you, Sandy, for sending these fun blocks!

Let's see an overview of those blocks, Joyful!!!

OK, since YOU requested it...

What?!  Why do I hear grumbling?
They're ALL there in the stack shown above.  :P

Oh, I see...  You want to have a look at all FORTY-SIX (46!!!) blocks (arranged by group.)  Feast your eyes on these beauties...

11 Local quilting friends contributed TWELVE (21) blocks:

6 Blogging friends made FOURTEEN (14) blocks:

4 Ravelry friends sent TEN (10) blocks:

WAIT!!!  That doesn't add up, Joyful!!!

My Nimble Thimbles Bee Mates - 21
Blog readers/Blogging friends - 14
Fellow Ravelry Members -10
For a total of 45

What am I missing, you guys???

Oh!  That would be my Stand of Trees block:

Bringing the total to FORTY-SIX (46) #bushfireblocks.

Who sent all of those blocks, again, Joyful???

My various circles of quilting friends were kind enough to share their time and talents for the collection effort.

Thank you to the following BLOCK contributors:

Britt P.
Candy H.
Ruth S.
Gayle S.
Deborah H.
Ruth B.
Jean F.
Joanna G.
Carol K.
Cheryl K.
Maggie S.
Karen L.

Deb A. @ Happy to be Scrappy
Dawn @ Quilting by Dawn
Joanne @ Cats in the Quiltorium
Dagamar @tedagmar on Instagram
Susan @ Knitty Quilter
Sandy @quiltpraylove on Instagram

Barbara C.

Postage FUNDS were provided by these generous quilters:

Candy H.
Ruth S.
Jean F.
Carol K.
Deb A. @ Happy to be Scrappy
Libby @ The Hillside Quilter
Dagamar @tedagmar on Intsagram
Louise @ Quilt Odyssey

Thanks again, to all who participated!  I'm sure the Wollongong Modern Quilt Guild thanks you, too.  While I'm sad that this natural disaster occurred, I'm SEW thrilled by your outpouring of love.

Can we see the box you prepared, Joyful???

Sure, you can!  I took a photo just for YOU.

This box was shipped out:

Six (6) zippered bags were stuffed with as many blocks as could fit in each one.  The folded blocks were accompanied by a slip of paper with the mailing address of the Wollongong Modern Quilt Guild, in the event that anything should happen to the box.

Speaking of the box...

Thank you to Kim @ Persimon Dreams for hosting Project QUILTING and to Oliso for their sponsorship of the Challenge.

Bear with me.  There really IS a connection.

You see, I have been participating in the challenges this Season.  I'm having a great time stretching my creative muscles and was the lucky winner of a Mini Project Iron during the Notably Numeric challenge.  That iron was shipped in the box that you see above.

Remarkably enough, it fit the six baggies of #bushfireblocks.  PERFECTLY!!!  It's funny how things work sometimes.

Of course...

None of this would have happened without Raewyn's post @ Stitching Farm Girl back at the end of January.  I'm really glad that I stumbled across her little corner of the internet from Angela's (So Scrappy) Rainbow Scrap Challenge link-up.  Raewyn made a weekend out of making Tree blocks, and because of it, I decided that I would make a Tree block, too (and thought to ask some of my quilting friends to join in!)  Not only did my quilting friends accept my invitation to participate, they surpassed any thoughts of how many blocks we might be able to collect.

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Until next time...
Sew Some Love!!


  1. All those blocks are wonderful! These are going to make for a gorgeous quilt. I love when quilters get together and reach out in times of need!

  2. This is TERRIFIC! What a generous, thoughtful gift for people who really need it! Beautiful, amazing blocks! Gotta go, ran out of adjectives.

  3. A very generous group of quilters who made some great blocks. There will be some beautiful quilts that come out of all of those.

  4. Quilters make the best friends! ❤

  5. Impressive number of blocks, they will make beautiful quilts!

  6. Those tree blocks are full of green gorgeousness! Thanks for doing that, Joy!

  7. Those blocks are all so beautiful and creative. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap! And for organizing them for such a great cause.

  8. Sew much generosity! I love it! :)

  9. WOW WOW WOW!! What a glorious box of Goodness!!!

  10. Isn't it amazing the connections we make without even meeting!!!
    I also came here for turquoise nail polish and I was disappointed :-(
    Did your salon shut its doors?


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