Sunday, March 1, 2020

Sew Some Love Sunday - #bushfireblocks {Just Under the Wire}

Welcome to another edition of Sew Some Love Sunday!!  This week, I'm here to report the arrival of the final blocks for our Aussie friends.  More members of my quilting world responded with an outpouring of love (and quilt blocks.)

Bloggy friends...

Deb @ Happy to be Scrappy:

Tedagmar @tedagmar on Instagram:

Susie @ Knitty Quilter:

Local quilting friends...

Maggie, Deborah and Ruth S. from CCLQ:

Ruth B. from NT:


Karen L. from NT Nights:

From Rav Land...


... And her friend Barbara:


Thank you to all who participated!  I appreciate the help with block donations and postage contributions, too.  Quilters are THE BEST!!  Look for a wrap-up post next week.

Until next time...
Sew Some Love!!!


  1. You have some mighty good friends! Glad to help.

  2. What a great bunch of blocks.Thanks for sending them off to Australia.

  3. Beautiful blocks!!! I love how they are taking pictures of the donated blocks and putting them up on their Facebook page. It's nice to know the blocks were actually received.

  4. What a great collection of trees! Sandy at

  5. Thanks for sharing the quilting designs of your friends. The patterns used for quilting tress look amazing. Looking forward to witnessing your quilting projects in your future posts. Really an inspiring post.


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