Friday, March 20, 2020

Insert Word Here - Trapunto Jayne's Way

Welcome to another edition of Design Floor Friday!!  Today, I'm here to share one of Jayne's super cool techniques from Twiggy and Opal, a quilt blog that I visit regularly.  Her INSPIRE quilt prompted me to think of a word.  This older CREATE was also a source of inspiration.

For the purposes of this adventure...

I chose SEWvibrant!  Then entertained COLOR-ful.  What to do?  What to do??  Once, doubt crept in, I floundered back and forth for quite some time.

Let's see how it all played out...

If all goes as planned, this exercise may end up overlapping with the 11.6 challenge for Project QUILTING.


I present the beginning of SEW...

I went a little narrower with my batting strips than Jayne suggested.  My reasoning was that I was working with a smaller space.  In my mind, that meant I needed narrower lettering.  In retrospect, that might have been a mistake.  I accept that, but worked with it anyway.

The photo below shows how it looked with the outline quilting and another experiment (which may or may not stay) pinned in place:

The letters really POP! with matchstick quilting:

It was a fun experiment.  Thank you, Jayne, for the mini tutorial.  I can see myself trying this again.  Someday (in the distant future) when the trauma of the matchstick quilting has subsided.

Check out my upcoming Project QUILTING post on Sunday to see the completed project.

Sharing with Alycia

Until next time...
Be SEW inspired!!!


  1. Very cool experiment!! I think it turned out great!

  2. Yay! I'm so glad you tried this method of trapunto. This method works well for me and as with many techniques it takes patience! I love what you did and your word is something I almost always live by!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. "Trauma of matchstick quilting" LOL! It looks really fun and poofy :)

  4. I love this and think you were quite successful with your experiment. I also took a look at the "Inspire" inspiration. Wow! Gorgeous too. Thanks for the "Sew Colorful" trip and the links for the how-to!


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