Monday, March 23, 2020

Sew Some Love Sunday (Monday?) - H2H 2020 Edition

Welcome to the H2H 2020 edition of Some Some Love Sunday!  I'm here to share information concerning this year's Hands2Help Comfort Quilt Charity Challenge.

This is my 2nd year of joining in Sarah's Challenge.  It is a wonderful event which has served nearly 2400 people over the past 9 years.

How can I help, Joyful???

Sign-ups began on Sunday, March 22nd.  YOU will want to sign-up  by Saturday, March 28th to be eligible for the sign-up giveaway!!!  (Prizes will be awarded on Sunday, March 29th.)

Where do these quilt go, Joyful???

Sarah has lined up six primary recipients for this year's Quilt Drive.  If you follow the link provided at the top of the page and scroll down past the stats, you will see a list of the following organizations who will be getting the bulk of the quilts made:

  1.  Quilts of Compassion
  2.  Quilty Hugs for Happy Chemo
  3.  Caregivers Quilt Initiative
  4.  Mercyful Quilts
  5.  Quilts for Cure
  6.  Little Lambs Foundation

Each of those organizations have their own list of requirements for the quilts they hope to receive.  You will choose based on the quilt size and style that you prefer to make.

Watch for the following updates:

4/26 - Progress Check-In Post
5/17 - Progress Check-In Post
5/31 - Finished Quilt Link-up Post

This is quick to make.  I used Sarah's pattern for a quilt to donate to Little Lou Quilts earlier this month:

I hope that you will consider joining in this special event.  It's SEW much fun and does a world of good.

Until next time...
Quilt to GIVE!!!

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