Saturday, March 21, 2020

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC20 - Week 12

Welcome to Week 12 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  I'm hoping this post finds all of my RSC Quilter friends well and happily quilting away the hours using some of their TEAL scraps.

SUNDAY - Yesterday, I mailed off my donation for Little Lou Quilts, a brand new preemie quilt collection charity in honor of Everett and Jamison, currently 4 lbs. each:

If you are new to the blog or would like to get another look at the quilt that I made, please visit THIS post.

Today, I am preparing for Season 11's final challenge of Project QUILTING.  The 11.6 challenge is...

Vibrant and Vivacious

I think I've GOT this!!  :o))

On the quilting front...

I finished another row, advanced the quilt, and began, again.  Things were going fine, until I hit a bump and walked away:

You can (almost) see the red pin marking the spot where I need to remove some stitches to begin again.

MONDAY - I spent the morning planning and scheming my next mini quilt.  The last of Season 11 for Project Quilting.  We're going out with a BANG!!  In a good way.  :o))

New guidelines were released by the CDC yesterday.  No gathering of 50 people or more.  For the next EIGHT weeks!!  I'm guessing that means we can kiss Kevin the be Quilter's visit to DOQ goodbye until further notice!  :o((

TUESDAY - I realize that it's necessary, but ALL of my quilt groups have been canceled until further notice and, as if that wasn't enough, restaurants have been closed to inside seating.  :o((

After dinner, I did some more quilting on the current quilt on the frame... AFTER doing this:

It's the "starch trick" that can help when borders need a little be of taming.  The GOOD news is now that border is ALL that I have left remaining to quilt!!  :o))

WEDNESDAY - Well...  The bad news (good news) for today is that my niece's wedding has been postponed until August.  I just MIGHT have a snowball's chance of finishing her wedding quilt on time, now!!  :P

Even better news is that I finished the client quilt that I've been chipping away at row by row.  Whew!  What a relief.  You can't really see the quilting in the border, but this is the tail end of the quilt, waiting to be removed from the frame:

THURSDAY - Today is my first day of all home, all the time.  True social distancing.  I've got a LONG list of items to complete, so I don't think the isolation will bother me all that much.

And for my first trick?  Looking for contributions to Cynthia's Spring 2020 Quilty Orphan Adoption!!  The event runs from today thru Saturday.  Be sure to link any projects that you are no longer in love with.

Next up?  Burying the thread tails.  (Or not!!)  I looked everywhere for a hand sewing needle, but couldn't find one.  :o((

Then, it was time to remove the quilt from the frame.  Look at all the beautiful Swirl-y texture:

FRIDAY - Quilt delivery day!!

But first...

The news.  The pandemic has made it to small town America.  My county has its first reported cases of corona virus.  :o((

And, in other news...

A blog post went live this morning.  Check out what I've been up to in THIS new edition of Design Floor Friday.

Quilty Orphans unite.  Well, that was the plan.  Instead, I made a new mug rug using scraps from the baggie at the top of this post:

One of my in-town quilting friends might recall using those scraps in a quilt.  Thanks for sharing the leftover bits with me, Maggie!!

The TEAL (turquoise) fabric to make a sample block of a pattern that my friend drew up from a quilt she saw on the internet the other day was nowhere to be found once I was finally ready to give it a go.  That's OK!  There is MORE fabric where this came from:

Instead of trying out the pattern, I wrote up a blog post to share the construction method with YOU!!  Look for that post on Tuesday.

SATURDAY - It's LINK PARTY day over on Angela's So Scrappy blog.  If you are a fan of scrap quilting or if you love the color TEAL, you are in for a treat.  Head over, now, to see what the RSC Quilters have been up to this week.  I'll be there in a minute, as I need to brew another cup of tea.

Until next time...
SCRAP safely!!!


  1. You had a very interesting week...our County now has entered the pandemic...scarey times...rainy, gray days seem the longest...
    hoping for a bit of sunshine today hugs, Julierose

  2. Your mug rug fabrics are gorgeous together! The swirls look perfect on your customer's quilt. She is going to be so happy with it! It's a gorgeous color combo as well. Bummer about Kevin the Quilter. I've been meaning to look at his blog to see what he is up to. I see him on Instagram. Hoping all my quilting friends are staying safe during this time.

    You definitely have time to get that wedding quilt done. As I keep telling our son... stay on task... Easy to say, hard to do sometimes. Hopefully the news in your local area is confined to just that case.

  3. Oh, your niece's wedding! Probably a good thing to postpone for now. Plus, you'll get that quilt done. Stay healthy, Joy!

  4. Thanks for the fun post. Truly we are all in uncharted territory with this stay at home thing. Luckily ,I sort of like the person and cat I am quarantined with.:) Need to stay in touch by phone with the remainder of my family.
    I'm off to check out your daily posts! and the rest of the ones on Angela's linky party!
    Be safe and healthy!

  5. I love how you finished off the quilt for the preemie donation - that really is a great idea! I'll have to go check that out - I probably have something I could finish off for that cause.

  6. I was wondering how you were doing with the social distancing and things closing down. At least we have our hobbies to keep us entertained!

  7. You seem to of had a busy and interesting week! I know of several weddings that have been cancelled, it is a shame but a very necessary precaution. The uk is ramping up its closure and lock down procedures as someone else said thank goodness for our hobbies!

  8. As always another busy week for you. Stay safe and enjoy the extra sewing time.

  9. You are keeping busy. Love the little preemie quilts and the quilting on your customers quilt, nicely done.

  10. The quilting texture is gorgeous on that pretty quilt! I'm sorry that your niece has to postpone her wedding. I'm hearing similar stories all the time, now. You attend so many social quilting gatherings, I hope it isn't too hard on you to isolate for a while. I'm used to that, at least :)

  11. You are making great use of time! I am trying to make sure each day includes exercise....time in the sunshine....some sewing, some artwork and maybe some knitting. Stay healthy and stay distracted with fun stuff to do.

  12. Stay safe! I hope you can keep busy with projects so you don't miss your usual whirl of activities!
    And take advantage of that extra quilting time for your niece! You can do it!

  13. Wow! What a week! Isn't it amazing how , as events get cancelled or postponed, we realize how much we were looking forward to the events. Thank goodness for all our UFOs and projects On the Horizon!


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