Saturday, August 24, 2019

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC 19 - Week 34

Welcome to Week 34 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  I've got MORE Light/Bright BLUE to share with you this week.  Bits of BLUE in the studio, in fact.  Both in my work and past works hanging on my walls.  Even though I'm NOT what you might refer to as a "BLUE person", I really seemed to embraced it in terms of August's Color of the Month for the RSC,

This is what is displayed on the Gallery Wire this month...

Little bits of Light/Bright BLUE in each of these!

SUNDAY - I used up some scraps and made a block to donate to QOV.  It was a good day (yesterday.)  This morning, I released a new Sew Some Love Sunday post to tell YOU all about it.  :o))

MONDAY - Guild night!!  I took TWO bee members with me this month.  I didn't win a door prize.  I didn't win the Block of the Month:

You can see my Light BLUE block just to the right of the prize bag.

I didn't win the BIG bag of FQs, either.  That's OK because...

I enjoyed time with friends.  I remembered the name of a person I hadn't seen in YEARS.  I remembered that the fabric I promised the Past President was in my car (and I drove tonight!)  I shared my niece's Wedding Tee Quilt.  I brought TWO BAGS of scraps to donate to anyone who wanted them.  It was a VERY good night!

I also released a new Mail Call Monday post.  Find it HERE.

TUESDAY - It's Girl's Night Out.  SEW much fun!!  Tracy had her semi-annual shawl destash:

HELP!!!  Tracy's knitwear is trying to strangle me!!!  LOL!
But, hey, there are bits of Bright BLUE 
in the items that I brought home with me.  :o))

WEDNESDAY - Knit Group this morning.  I made progress on my Sideways Lace Vest: UFO:

Later in the day, I made additional progress on my Block Drive block for Kat at Covered in Love:

THURSDAY - Weekly Quilt Group meet at Lynda Mac's house today.  Since it was close by, I took the Junior Quilter for a quick visit.  Our hostess had a fun rainbow towel in the powder room...

... And was kind enough to get out some toys for the Junior Quilter:

FRIDAY -  I missed Knit Group this morning... AGAIN!!  I really miss seeing my "Friday Friends."  On the plus side, I handed off the Pecking Order quilt to its new owner...  Finally!  :o))

This afternoon was spent playing with Bright BLUE scraps:

Thanks, Maggie!!

I also released a new Design Floor Friday post.  If you like seeing lots of random projects, you will like this one!

SATURDAY - If you can believe it, Angela's LINK PARTY has rolled around, again.  I'm looking forward to a morning of visiting my RSC Quilter friends.  Head over to the So Scrappy blog to see an abundance of Light/Bright BLUE scrap projects.

Until next time...


  1. Ok, I'm tired just reading about your week! Lots of bits of blue scattered each day. How fun. I have that blue in the 4 patch! So fun seeing fabrics you have in others posts!

  2. I love your gallery wire - it must be so fun to change out the minis you display every now and then. Great star for CIL!

  3. I also love gallery wire. So much fun you have every single day.
    Enjoy the weekend! :-)

  4. You are a whirlwind and an inspiration. My life is sluggish by comparison!

  5. Junior Quilter is such a cutie pie! I would have been right down on the floor with her to play with that little house :)

  6. Each of your small quilts on the wire is unique and beautifully made. I didn’t realize you’ve done some lovely work like that.

    1. All part of my Art Quilt Experiment series, Paula. I'm SEW glad to know you like my work! There will be more to see in the coming months.

  7. Your gallery wire is fun, and I love seeing how you find the color of the month all week. My favorite photo this week is that last one with the bright blue scraps!


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