Sunday, August 11, 2019

Design Floor Delayed - August 2019 Sew/Craft Friends-zy {and other adventures...}

Welcome to a (delayed) edition of Design Floor Friday!!  Yes.  I know it's Sunday, but I was working on getting a project done and TOTALLY forgot to release this post.  Please forgive me.

This post will share the progress I made on the Wedding Tee Quilt and everything else that went on at August's Sew/Craft Friends-zy.

Tiffany is smiling because she's saving herself $150 by making her own leaders for the longarm rails she bought at Expo:

The scrapbookers have returned:

The artist was in residence:

This is Tiffany, putting her trusty serger to work:

Next up, she worked on a mini-quilt made of fabrics purchased at Expo:

Carol is missing in action, but her machine waits patiently:

Lisa is cutting more squares for the baby quilt that she and Carol hope to finish this weekend:

Patty's project is patiently waiting for her:

Carol arrives and gets right to work:

Tiffany brought along her "Car Quilt" that she made last month:

She quilted it on her Sit-Down Longarm machine:

Here's another look at this lovely quilt:

This is the beginning of the progress that I made on the Wedding Tee quilt for my niece and her husband, also the reason for this post's title:

Tiffany quilted her Flower Mini:

Next up, the Rainbow Star she made a couple of months ago:

Time went by and the quilt top was in two pieces:

That was about the time that I decided it was time for lunch:

After a whirlwind morning, Lois arrived to sew a donation project:

Patty finished her errands and got busy on her Doggie Treat Trees:

With the quilting done, Tiffany adds binding to her Flower Mini:

A few minutes later, a new mini quilt to grace her walls:

Here's a closer look:

The next step on the leader project was adding hook and loop tape:

Lisa is back to making progress on the Baby Quilt:

Joy brought the M&M's, but will entrust the collection to Denise until next month:

Upon my return, I got busy piecing the sections together:

Quilt directions for Lois's Donation Quilt:

Smile, Lois!  It's almost done:

Carol's portion of the Baby Quilt is coming along:

Cute (QUICK) quilt, Lois:

With the Tee quilt out of the way, I worked on quilting a gift:

It's finished and ready for the binding that I prepared earlier:

Tiffany added borders to her Hawaii Quilt:

Patty is in production mode:

Maker shot of the Hawaii Quilt:

Full shot of the Hawaii quilt:

Pictures before I headed out the door:

Tiffany has moved on to another project.  She's smiling because the same friend to gave her the blocks sent her home with additional fabric on her recent visit:

Denise showed up just as I was leaving:

I left early to attend my friend Carol's SURPRISE Retirement Party.  These last few items were sent by those remaining.


Denise is cutting out a new quilt:

Here's the corresponding Jelly Roll:

She's making this pattern from the Midnight Quilt Show:

The strips have been set free:

Stitching has begun:

Oh, SEW pretty, Denise:

Carol sent some photos on our Messenger group, but I don't know how to transfer those over to the blog.  Sorry!!!

Until next time...
Be SEW crafty!!!


  1. Awesome work, Joyful! I love that "car quilt". Have a great week! ;^)

  2. I totally enjoyed it! Friday, Sunday, Monday morning--time doesn't matter in the world of sharing quilts!!! Great job on the t-shirt quilt, quilt, quilt, quilt, quilt...

  3. It's always fun to see what your crafty crew have been up too. The wedding quilt turned out nicely. You are motoring along on several projects.


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