Friday, January 11, 2019

Wonderful Wednesday - Sue-prise! Quilted Basket

Welcome to another edition of Wonderful Wednesday!!  On a FRIDAY?!?!  The middle of the week escaped me.

I've been working on a project for a couple of months.  You've seen parts of it, but didn't know what I was making.  Here's the story...

Begun as a mere suggestion way back in October.  (OK, so maybe more of a demand!)  When I tried to buy my good friend Sue a really cute project bag from SAFF, since she wasn't able to attend this last time, she declined.

The conversation went something like this, after texting bag pic...

S: Did you (buy the bag?)
J: Not yet, waiting to see if you wanted it or not.
S: Cool. Then, thanks for thinking of me, but I'll pass.
J: No problem! I'll think of something else.
S: I would be thrilled with a "Joyful" original fabric basket... just saying.
J: Fabric Basket or Quilted Yarn Bowl?
S: Fabric basket. I can keep my growing (embroidery) floss collection in it!
J: OK. I can do that! What colors do you want?
S: Scrappy rainbow?
J: Scrappy Rainbow? You KNOW that I love me some scrappy rainbow!!!
S: As do I!! That's why I was a little surprised you asked, lol!!!

OK.  SEW... Maybe she didn't demand.  She strongly suggested that I should make her a basket.  :P

It took a while to figure out exactly how I wanted to proceed.  One evening, when I should have been cleaning my studio, I took a tour through my scrap baskets:

I picked out the brightest of the bright in a rainbow of colors and started stitching.  I took the sewn strips with me to my (Twice) Monthly Evening Quilt Bee:

Another evening of sewing at home and I had a variety of rows... RAINBOW rows:

Ultimately, I ended up with a piece that resembled a small, super scrappy wall hanging, which would be layered with batting... 

... And quilted:

A fabric remnant received some Decor Bond for the lining, ready for basket assembly at a Post-Christmas Sew Day with Needleb:

Here is the completed basket:

Just after the New Year, I packaged it up and shipped it off.  It reached its destination:


The response...

Knittingsuek was SEW excited that she actually gave my Quilted Basket "THE position of honor" - her words, not mine - on the top tier of her brand new IKEA 3-Tier Rolling Cart:

This is the texted conversation that we had upon its arrival...

J: What's that hideous thing on top of your cart?!?!
S: I love it!!!
J I had hoped you would. Did you find anything unusual about it yet?
S: Um... can I have a hint?
Never mind... just found it!!! Very cool!
J: What did you find?
S: You are the BEST... (I found) Sue

Here is the quilting detail that I added to personalize the basket:


Don't you just LOVE it when you get a gift JUST RIGHT?!?!  :o))

Linking up with Cynthia for Oh Scrap!

And, to address that first comment listed below...

THIS is what Sue made for me:

It's just darling and provides a cheerful welcome:

Thank you, Sue!!  I posted your gift elsewhere and neglected to give it its own post here.  I was bogged down in End-of-the-year posts and Beginning-of-the-year posts.  As a result, Mail Call Monday just slipped my mind.  Please know that I truly LOVE it!

Until next time...
Quilt for those you love!!!


  1. That Sue person is one lucky woman, lol!!! BTW, did you post HER gift to you???

  2. That basket is the "bestest" ever! Well done! ;^)

  3. How fun! Gifts are hard, but it feels so good when you hit just the right note.

  4. That scrappy fabric basket is wonderful, Joy! Looks like it was the perfect gift for your friend. I love what she made you, too - also perfect!

  5. Fun gifts! I love the basket and the wallhanging she gave you. You both know each other well it seems. I'm interested in your Sewing Bee. What do you do there and where do you meet?

  6. Oh, it's gorgeous! Even the lining is perfect!

  7. What a fabulous quilted rainbow. Love it!

  8. Beautiful use of those rainbow scraps. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!


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