Monday, March 2, 2015

Mail Call Monday - The First Edition

I've been thinking about a new "column" for my blog.  While considering the days of the week and the things that I could write about, I thought that I would like to institute a post called Mail Call Monday.  It's fairly self-explanatory.  I plan to share the quilty (or knitty) packages that arrive in the mail from time to time.

Welcome to the first edition!  I hope you like it.

Ravelry Knitterella Bag

The enticing write-up:

Show your Ravelry love with these cute project bags designed exclusively for Ravelry by Knitterella/Jill Zielinski.
We just love these bags which is why we have done several different designs on them. The bag is 100% organic cotton jersey and is as soft as your favorite pajamas. It’s super soft and large enough for a medium-sized project. They are printed by Raveler pattyb. They measure tall 18” by 16.5” wide when laid flat.

Hmm... I really NEED another project bag.  :o))

Press the button to place the order.  Wait for it.  Wait for it.  Hey!  That arrived quickly!!

Here's the package:

And its contents:

And the bag in use (as intended):

That cozy little project is the (beginnings of the) January Mystery KAL Neckwarmer on the UnRavelers group on Ravelry.  Thank you to the amazing designer, Wallita, with assistance from the incomparable Carolkimball, the group's "go to girl" for all things technical about knitting.

I'll finish my neck warmer... one of these days!  For now, the project appears to be enjoying the comfort of its new Knitterella Bag.

Until next time...
Happy Crafting!

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  1. it is ridiculous how happy a new project bag can make us. Also, your yarn is lovely!


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