Monday, March 16, 2015

Mail Call Monday - Read Me a Quilt

Welcome to another edition of Mail Call Monday!

Only "regular" mail to report this week.  However, the mail box was STILL happy on Saturday AND today!!!

Why, Joy???

Well, aren't YOU happy when a quilt magazine (or two) arrive in your mail box?!  :o))

That's what happened here.

On Friday, the mail carrier delivered the new issue of Quilting Arts magazine...

and today's mail included the latest (and my LAST... unless I renew my subscription soon!!) issue of Quilter's Newsletter.  It's the ONLY magazine subscription that I've kept through ALL my years of quilting.

If you don't subscribe to either of these publications, you can check them out at your local book seller or craft store.  The tech-savvy among us can probably figure out a way to view them online!  :P

Until next time...
Enjoy a quilt-y read!!!

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  1. I stopped subscribing or purchasing quilt magazines years ago. I now go to the library and borrow them. It has saved me money which I use for material instead.


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