Monday, March 9, 2015

Mail Call Monday - Bartering and Gifting

Welcome to the second edition of Mail Call Monday!!!

Last Thursday I had a happy mail box.  When I arrived home from work, I found not ONE, but TWO packages!

Any guesses what my first thought was???

What, Joyful??

My first thought was, "Oh, no!  What did I order NOW?!?!"  LOL

Turns out that NEITHER of the packages contained items that had been ordered!

This decidedly WET package...

Contained a (well protected) bartered shawl:

Beautiful, soft, squooshy shawl... Thank you, OrangeSmoothie!!!


This (nice, dry) package...

Held a gifted set of quilt borders:

Thank you, Laura!!  These borders make me want to start my Carolina Christmas quilt RIGHT NOW!!

Until next time...
Be grateful
(I am!!  Thanks again, OrangeSmoothie and Laura!!)


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