Thursday, March 26, 2015

Wonderful Wednesday on Thursday {Taking in MORE Strays}

I am overwhelmed by the generosity of my friend Diane H. who I met for coffee and a delivery this afternoon.

What delivery, Joyful???

She is cleaning out her studio and I am her current beneficiary.  I am SO EXCITED to be taking in MORE STRAYS!!!

Sorry, fellow Austerity Quilters!!  I've done it, AGAIN.  (In my defense) it's fabric in, but NO MONEY was exchanged. You SAID that it was perfectly within the Challenge guidelines for me to accept gifts of FREE fabric.)  I can't HELP myself!  I'm a softy when it comes to those poor unwanted fabric scraps.

I don't have time for photos, but wanted to post this VERY BIG THANK YOU to Diane!!!

For those of you who want to see the goods...  I'm right there with you!  I only had a moment to take a quick peek at the top layer.  I can tell you this much... she's been reading my blog and she included some amazing YELLOW fabrics that I can use on this month's Rainbow Scrap Challenge sewing!

I'll try to add photos tomorrow.  Tomorrow is here and here are the photos that I promised:

A pile of random scraps.

A bundle of purple and red strips and bits from a Circle project.

More project bits!!  A Maple Leaf, a 9 - Patch, and a Log Cabin.

Leftovers from a Snake Trail quilt done in solids.

Four books that looked interesting. (Two others went back home with Diane!)

Don't laugh, Tiffany!! There was even a paper-pieced tree pattern and bits included in my haul.


A bag of lovely tropical colored, hand printed fabric squares from Candy at Quilt Bee today, too!!! (Thanks, Candy... and Dee Dee for rescuing them from the thrift store!!!)

Until next time...
Count your blessings!!!


  1. Oooh I look forward to seeing what types of strays you got. Enjoy!

  2. You are one blessed quilter. So fun to see what you got.


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