Friday, March 27, 2015

Design Floor Friday - {T-shirt} x 2 - Week 3

I was SO close to finishing Kennedy's T-Quilt last week.  SO CLOSE... but yet so far!!!

I made a few changes and here's what the design floor looked like:

What do you think???  It might need another revision.  (Hum the tune from Jeopardy...)

I'm feeling better about the layout and the color distribution now.  Time to begin the piecing!

Let's review:

1. The color distribution needed help (and still does.)
2. It was discovered that this would be an 8 ft. long wall hanging!
3. I went back to the drawing board.

I've done some editing and THESE shirts didn't make the cut:

I've also combined some of the smaller shirt squares (in an effort to fit as many shirts/designs as possible in quilt):

4 shirts into ONE...

3 shirts into ONE...

And 2 shirts into ONE!!! (Thanks for ignoring the fact that the photos are sideways.)

Presto, change-o!  NINE shirts into THREE!!!

The good news is that I've made further progress and ALL of the columns have been sewn:

The central panel is only about a half inch longer than the other pieces now.  I had to make some adjustments to make everything fit properly.

 Now to determine if it needs sashing...

Or not...

... since the central panel doesn't line up with the side pieces.  I can't decide.

What do YOU think???

Until next time...
Keep at it!!!  (Whatever IT is.)


  1. It's looking good and I'm sure is going to be wonderful once it's done.

  2. I'm no help at all. I like it with the quilting as well as without. You did a very good job of mixing up the colors and sizes, because to me, it would work well either way.


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