Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Wonderful Wednesday - Taking in Strays {Quilt Top sans Borders}

Welcome to the next edition of Wonderful Wednesday!

It's a GOOD day because:

Taking in Strays was determined to need no borders!!!

The process in that determination went something like this:

Last week was Spring Break for DS1 and he happened to wander into the sewing room one evening. We chatted for a bit and I threw the quilt top on the floor for him to see.  He immediately and emphatically stated, "I LIKE it."  (My boys tend to not get excited about things - so for him that was as good as an exclamation and a clear indication that HE should be the recipient of this quilt.)

So... He said he liked the quilt and followed that by asked, "Who made it???"

I told him that I made it.  To which he replied, "It doesn't look like one of your quilts."  I patiently explained that the blocks had been given to me and I added the plain squares.  To that he said, "THAT makes more sense and explains why it's not symmetrical."

Then we did our usual "quilting by committee" thing...

I brought out some border choices and he suggested that the quilt should be a wall hanging, as is. Given the options, I believe that was sound judgement.  So...

I laid out some binding selections and DS1 asked to see them on the opposite sides of the quilt.  (So I switched the position on the fabrics.)  He thought that was better, but then he asked if I have ever used two different fabrics to bind a quilt.  I said that I had and put one fabric on top of the other to create a faux-piped effect.  Apparently, that wasn't what he had in mind.

It turns out that what he has in mind is a bluer fabric for the binding on the bluer corner and a greener fabric for the binding on the greener corner.  My job will be to figure out how to make that happen!  (He did give "permission" to wrap the corners a bit, as opposed to ending at the miter with one color on one side of the miter and the other color on the second side of the miter.)

Edited to add something REALLY wonderful: 

When checking my email tonight, I saw the following subject line... Congratulations! You won day 5 of the Spring Cleaning Giveaway!

Here is the content of the message:

You won the purple and red Shades packs from Friday's drawing! Send me your address info and I'll get the fabric in the mail to you.

Vicki Welsh

Go check out her AMAZING hand dyed fabrics.

Until next time...
Happy Quilting!!!

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