Saturday, March 7, 2015

Scrap Happy Saturday - RSC15 - Week 10

Welcome to Week 10 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!

Can you believe how fast January and February flew by?!?!?!

In case you missed Angela's announcement over on the So Scrappy blog, the Color of the Month for March is YELLOW. It should be interesting to see how this month's SCRAP SEWING pans out.


The reason is simple, really.  It is a common supposition that many people don't like YELLOW very much or that YELLOW is only good in small doses.

Personally, I'm looking forward to the challenge of making some lovely String blocks, Maverick Stars, Slab blocks, and Tiny Nines in the Color of the Month.  Bright and sunny, soft and buttery, warm and lemony... YELLOW is a cheerful color!

Here's a look at the scrap basket (to give you an idea of what I have available to work with):

Notice:  This basket is NOT like the others! It was a gift from a friend a number of years ago. Thanks, Joyce!!

My Week 10 went something like this...

Sunday afternoon, I sorted through my scrap bins in search of YELLOW fabrics.  Once they were gathered, I had them pose for a pretty picture.  Then I posted the photograph above.  :o))

Sewing???  Not sew much.  Too much LAUNDRY to do!!  However, I did get some prep work done (for another day):

3 Tiny Nines, ready for stitching...

1 Maverick Star, awaiting its turn with my machine's needle and thread...

Along with... some Strings and Slabs, lined up and ready to SEW!!!

Now, back to Mt. Wash-more!!  :o((

With laundry all dried and sorted, we arrive at Monday and Angela's reveal of the RSC Sampler block for March.  The block is called Air Castles and you can find the instructions HERE.  Race off to your sewing room to give it a try!  (I wish I could, but it's 5:20 PM and I'm still at work.)

Tuesday has arrived and the ONLY sewing that I have gotten done is half of a side of hand stitched binding on my Crumb Quilt (between yesterday afternoon and tonight.)  No RSC sewing.  :o((

Why not, Joyful?!?!

Long hours at work and THIS kept me from my SCRAPS:

Duke University Wind Symphony's Come Dance With Me...

And the view from our seats in the balcony of the beautiful Baldwin Auditorium.

Wednesday proved to be more of the same... A(nother) late night at work, followed by shopping, cooking, and cleaning up dinner, left no time for sewing.  :o((

Thursday?  Rinse and repeat.  Thank goodness that I sorted and prepped on Sunday!!  Otherwise, the entire week may turn out to be a wash.  Maybe tonight I will sew...

I did it!  I did it!!  Thursday night... before bed... I made ONE String block:

Then... because I was feeling so guilty about missing so many sewing opportunities earlier in the week... I stayed up in my sewing room just a little longer and made that ONE (prepped) Maverick Star block:

Friday morning... since H cancelled Coffee And (Knitting) this morning... I ran errands.  There was banking to be done and a trip to the grocery store.

Friday afternoon... I took a trip to Raleigh to pick up DS1.  It's Spring Break, if you can believe it. (Which means that I get to be eaten out of house and home for the next 10 days, thus the reason for today's grocery run!)

Friday, after dinner,  I headed upstairs and here I am, stitching away:

And here are those THREE (prepped on Sunday) Tiny Nines that I made:

Saturday morning I finished this post and got Crock Pot BBQ started for dinner.

Sounds like the perfect way to spend the rest of the day sewing, right???

Well, that WOULD have been a good idea, but Threebagsfulled wanted to go shopping today.  I haven't seen her all week and we plan to make a day of it.  Coffee, knitting, lunch, AND shopping.

Maybe I can sew some this evening...  providing that we don't end up shopping til we drop!  :o))

In the meantime, today is LINK PARTY day over on Angela's So Scrappy blog.  I'm link number nine (9) this week.  I'm looking forward to following all the links to see what everyone else has been up to with their Rainbow Scrap sewing!  If you've got some time on your hands, you might like to head over, too.  There are some REALLY WONDERFUL projects on the go!!

Until next time...
Get Scrappy!!!


  1. Using the crock pot allows for more sewing time--at least that seems to help me. I do like yellows, but they are hard to find and I do not have very many in my stash.

  2. It looks like you have lot's of yellow goodness in store for the rest of the month.

  3. That was a fun read! I loved seeing your week. What time shall I come over for the BBQ dinner in the crock pot? =) I cheated this week and purchased a roaster chicken from Sams and made some awesome broth with the bones in the crock pot over night - who knew? Glad you got to play with some yellow and your blocks are looking great.

  4. Wow! You've got it all organized so well. Lots of yummy yellow goodness completed.

  5. Some great yellow colors used up. I don't often use yellow however every now and then I like to put it in a quilt as a surprise color. Using the yellow for the challenge is stretching me.

  6. It is all too easy for a week to fly by without time to sew. Glad you found a little bit of time though. Great sunny yellows. What a sparkle they will bring to your finished projects.

  7. Thanks for all of the lovely comments, everyone! Hopefully, there will be more YELLOW scrappy goodness coming next week. :o))

  8. Great job using bits and pieces of your time....great blocks.

  9. Sweet yellow blocks. You are a very busy lady : )


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