Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Top o' the Mornin' to Ya!!

Skip the fact that it's already after noon.  LOL

I hope you are all having a Happy GREEN Day!!  Er... You might know that better as St. Patrick's Day!!!  I'll spare you a history lesson.  For me, it's a day/week/month to celebrate my favorite color.

Are YOU wearing your GREEN today???

I am!!

The photo below was taken on Saturday at a Donation Quilt Workshop, but I wore the jacket to Quilt Guild last night and I'm wearing the jacket again today.  (Truth be told, I'll probably be wearing it tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and the day after that, too!)

I made my Shamrock Surprise Jacket a number of years ago (back in the days spent working in my TINY sewing room - before the BIG move to my current studio.)  It only took a week from start to finish!  I was a woman on a mission. The fabrics jumped off the shelf and demanded to be turned into a jacket. RIGHT. THEN!!

I set aside another jacket that was in process and used the sweatshirt meant for it as a pattern for the cutting the batting scraps that I used inside this one.  On the outside, I used the surface to showcase a number of quilting designs that I use in finishing the quilts that I make.

When I wear it at the beginning of the month, I get comments like "That jacket will be GREAT for St. Patrick's Day."  When I wear it at the end of the month, I hear "That would have been PERFECT for St. Patrick's Day."

You know what???

This is my FAVORITE jacket and I will continue to wear it throughout the month of March!!

Wouldn't YOU?!?!?!

At the same time that I made the jacket, I also made my Shamrock tote bag that you can see peeking out between my Crumb quilt and my rain boots.  I use it ALL MONTH during March, too!!!

Until next time...
May the fabric in your stash always be fresh!!

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