Saturday, February 28, 2015

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC15 - Week 9

Welcome to Week 9 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!  A scary thing happened this week...

On Wednesday evening, I realized that I hadn't written ANYTHING for this post!!!  I really like to keep up with writing the post as the week goes along. (That way I don't forget what I did or when I sewed what.)

A little scroll through the photos on my phone told me that I did indeed spend some time at my sewing machine this week (which I couldn't remember off the top of my head!)

Here's a little back tracking:

On Sunday afternoon, I decided to share a photo that my friend Needleb took at Quilt Bee yesterday.

Here's me, dressed in my quilting "uniform."  Although, I have to tell you, my PINK Converse High Tops were traded out for SNOW BOOTS because there was still plenty of ice and snow hanging about.

When life hands you scraps, MAKE A QUILT!

Wouldn't you know it?!  I turned my head before she was finished taking the picture!  LOL

Sunday evening, I decided that I better sew SOMETHING because I had a busy week planned.  Here's the ONE pink String block that I made:

Monday afternoon, I was able to do some hand sewn binding on my Crumb quilt.  While not technically RSC15 sewing...  There is PINK in there (as well as every other color of the rainbow!)

Tuesday afternoon was the same story as Monday (only with less time for hand sewing.)  The GOOD news is that I turned the 2nd corner on the binding of my Crumb quilt!  :o))

And that, my friends, brings us to Wednesday.  It's been a CRAZY week!!!  More hand sewing on the binding of my Crumb quilt today.  (Hey!  It's a BIG quilt and I am a SLOW stitcher!)

Thursday I hope to make up for lost time.  (Since I'm not scheduled to work and we are supposed to have ANOTHER winter storm blowing through.)  I'll let you know how it goes.

Well, here you have it!  There was MUCH shoveling to be done:

The view out the front...

And out the back.

There's a full-sized minivan under there... SOMEWHERE!!  :o))

It's a good thing we took out the trash yesterday!!

 So...  Not much sewing got done on Thursday morning (since DH is out of town).  I did, however, manage to get a bit of hand sewing done on the binding of my Crumb quilt during the afternoon.  A body needs breaks between shoveling sessions and the "emergency" excursion to find a neighbor with 2 cans of evaporated milk.  (None to be found!)  But that's ANOTHER story.   :o))

Thursday evening (after MORE shoveling!), I was too exhausted to even THINK about sewing!!

I got a slow start on Friday morning, but on Friday afternoon... I sewed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe not a lot, but PINK progress was made.  Care to have a look?

I made ONE pink Maverick Star block:

And... TWO pink Slab blocks:

Notice the cute little Strawberry Shortcakes in these blocks (made with bits from last week's Design Floor Friday quilt!)

I may even try to get a few Tiny Nines done tonight.  It will have been a VERY productive day (in a slow and steady, end of the PINK, last ditch effort kind of way.)

Friday before dinner, I made ONE pink Tiny Nine block and cleaned up some PINK scraps, cutting them into various sized squares for future use:

Well, Saturday is here and a NEW Color of the Month is about to be revealed!!!  Take one last look around the sewing room:

The trash is looking PRETTY IN PINK (with some T-shirt quilt bits in there for good measure):

The PINK scrap "basket" is looking somewhat depleted:

And... It's time to take inventory!  You've seen the basket of the PINK scraps.  Can you guess how many blocks were made this month?

More than I expected, I can tell you that!!  It's strangely mathematical...

THREE (3) Maverick Star Blocks:

SIX (6) Slab Blocks:

NINE (9) Tiny Nines:

TWELVE (12) String Blocks:

For a total of THIRTY (30) quilt blocks made during the month of February!!!  (Not too shabby, considering all the days that I didn't sew!)

Oh!  And, let's not forget that little pile of freshly cut scraps for future use - it counts, too!  :o))

 Here are the composite photos to show this month's productivity laid out on the "design floor":

View One:  PINK Progress

View Two:  PINK Progress

Perhaps, I wasn't quite as productive as last month, but I still used up a fair amount of scraps.  Make sure to visit ScrapHappy over on the So Scrappy Blog to see what all of the other Rainbow Scrap Quilters have been up to.  It's a Link Party!  I'm link number 8 this week.

One last thing...

I thought for sure that Angela would post the NEW Color of the Month today, but she didn't.  :o((

We'll just have to wait for tomorrow...

drumming fingers impatiently on the table

Edited to add that Angela clued me into the fact that the NEW Color of the Month was buried at the bottom of her post.  (Tricky, tricky!)


The Color of the month for March is:

Ignore the crinkles... this color card belongs to a 2 year old!  :o))

Until next time...
Get Scrappy!!!

February = PINK = Productivity


  1. You were very productive. Great job!

  2. The new color is YELLOW. It is hiding at the very end of the post :) Great pink collection this month. The basket is getting emptier. Looks like time to move on to what is next

  3. Yay!!! You did great! I really like your maverick stars!!

  4. Quite the accomplishment this month. Don't compare January and February. Remember February is the shortest month so you missed out on a few days of sewing and then there were the snow days.

  5. This month finds me drooling over your pink string blocks and those tiny nines always get me. Too cute! Good work.

  6. I love your tenacity. :- ) Good for you, counting patches cut from pink along with actual blocks sewn.

    The first good snowfall is pretty but after the second or third (or more!) it loses its' allure.

  7. Considering it was a short month and you had dig out duty, you did really well on using up the pink scraps. Lots of pretty blocks this month.

    Did you ever find the mini-van? That is a lot of snow!

  8. You were very productive and I like all of your blocks.

  9. Love all your pink blocks! FUN post : )


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