Friday, February 13, 2015

Design Floor {Friday the 13th}

Welcome to another edition of Design Floor Friday.  Are you ready to take a look into my studio?  (OK, so I'm not really in the studio today.  The quilt that I'm working on is TOO BIG!!)  There are SO many projects in my UFO pile that you never know WHAT you might see!!  This particular quilt has a twin, but I'm focusing on just one quilt at a time.

You may be directing the following question toward your computer...

Well, Joyful, what ARE you working on this week???

It's LONG PAST time to get back to work on my T-shirt quilts.  (I have TWO that are due in May!!)  This week, Jacob's blocks are laid out on the "design floor."  I last laid them out in November (when I came to the realization that there was NO WAY that either quilt could be ready in time for Christmas!!  :o((

With that in mind, even a bit of progress will make me a happy camper.

So, after much crawling around on the floor and rearranging of blocks, I think I've (finally!) come up with a workable layout:

That's progress... right?  :P

Seriously, though... I also pieced some of the smaller bits together to make a couple of 15.5" squares since the emblems were small.  (Look for them near the bottom of the photo.)  This allowed me to turn 8 smaller squares into TWO 4-Patch blocks.  Sometimes there are just TOO MANY shirts for the desired size quilt!  I can use more of the shirts, while taking up less quilt space, if I can find ways to combine some of them.

Yes.  I'm pleased with the progress that I've made.  :o))

There are still a few "problem areas", but I am beginning to develop a plan for arriving at a better place.  That better place will be the final layout!  Can you see it???

Until next time...
Get creative!!


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