Friday, February 20, 2015

Design Floor Friday, The Next...

.. T-shirt Quilt that I make "as small as possible" out of "ALL these shirts", I really need to ask if the designs need to be kept WHOLE!!!

I saw a quilt last Saturday that appeared to include only PART of each logo in the quilt's blocks.  It was a VERY interesting quilt.  I'm still not quite sure how I feel about the partial logos.  You can see the quilt in question in the opening post of Megan's blog Sew Stitching Cute Quilts.

On closer inspection, it looks like she used more than ONE block for each shirt and then scattered the various portions around the quilt with some plain squares thrown in for good measure.

Hmm...  I really like it!

How does one decide WHERE to slice each shirt???

In my mind, I always think that I should include the entire design (in case some portion that I cut off was my client's FAVORITE part of the shirt.)  Although, with portions of the shirt designs missing, it really makes you wonder what the rest of the T-shirt looked like.  Or in this case, as I looked back at the quilt that Megan made, I felt like I was playing Connect the Dots or some type of matching game.


Then another thought struck me...

I suddenly had the desire to start yet ANOTHER quilt.  I want to try making one like Megan made.

And I want to make it NOW!!!  :o))

I can't, of course, start another T-shirt quilt at the moment.  Perhaps, I'll try her method on my next T-quilt.  I believe that it will have to be one of my own quilts (as opposed to a client quilt.)  It seems to me that it would be a risky method to try on a client quilt without first having an example to show.

It seems more difficult to determine which portion of a shirt to use, if I weren't using the entire logo. As it is, I have trouble making a decision about how to treat a logo that is smaller than the rest of the designs... I can't IMAGINE how difficult it would be to select which elements of a design to keep and which parts hit "the cutting room floor."

As I looked at Megan's quilt (yet again) I think she used ALL of the various parts of the shirts.  Even her plain squares were sections of the shirts!  Can you say coping strategy for incorporating ALL parts of the shirts in a new an exciting way???


She may have done it to maximize quilt size while only using a small number of shirts.  Megan may have STRETCHED a few shirts into the BIGGEST quilt she could make.  The EXACT opposite of the challenge presented by my client!  Interesting.  VERY interesting!

I'm hoping that she will email me to explain what REALLY happened.  I'll be sure to let you know.

In the meantime, have a look at all the progress I've made on Jacob's T-quilt!

Blocks ready for assembly:

"Two-sies" ready for sewing into rows:

Sorry for the sideways shot!  The computer was giving me trouble with photo rotation.

Rows ready for sewing into a top:


The completed top (minus borders!)

Don't worry! I was VERY careful while standing on the step stool (that STILL wasn't quite tall enough to allow me to get the entire quilt top in the frame.) It's a BIG quilt!!!  Not HUGE, but big enough.

Until next time...
Be Productive!

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  1. Well I'm thinking that is pretty stinking amazing. I love how it's going to turn out!!


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