Saturday, February 14, 2015

ScrapHappy {Valentine's Day} Saturday -RSC15- Week 7

In honor of the day, I thought that I'd start out with a photo of my little quilt that I call Keys to My Heart.  This was a Valentine's gift for my husband 5 years ago.  It hangs in our kitchen during the month of February each year.

Look for details at the bottom of this post.

This small quilt was made during a "Found Objects" study with my Art Quilter's Play Group using an actual (paper) envelope and 2 (real) keys that my husband brought in from the garage.  Once the design was complete, I noticed that it seemed a bit stark.  That's when I came up with the message for the contents of the envelope.

Welcome to Week 7 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!  It's hard to believe that SO MANY weeks have gone by in the short span of 2015.  I'm happy to report that I have had another productive week. How was YOUR week??  I hope you have been inspired to use up some of your scraps.  Rainbow or otherwise!

Today is Valentine's Day and I am spending it with loved ones...




I needed my SEWING MACHINE for the donation quilt workshop that my QUILT GUILD is putting on today and I needed my VALENTINE'S BAG to carry some of the necessary supplies.

And, yes, I was wearing my VALENTINE'S JACKET that you saw in last week's post!!!


Don't worry!!  DH knows that I love him.  (We passed the hearts and flowers stage ages ago!  We've been married 26 years and are much too frugal for frivolous gifts!!)  Besides that... we have a "romantic" dinner planned after my Sew Day.  :o))

You're not here to read about hearts and flowers, anyway.  You're  here to read about the QUILTS (or  at least the quilt parts that I've been sewing all week!)

Sunday evening, I searched for MORE pink scraps and located a few usable pieces.

I dug these PINK scraps out of the 7 - 9 inch basket (meaning the pieces are all 7" to 9" strips or squares.) 

I also finished the STAR POINTS for one Maverick Star block.

The background came from the 7 - 9" basket, too.

Monday afternoon I found that Angela had posted Rainbow Sampler February Block 2 Lady of the Lake (although Angela wasn't sure what block it was.)

Before dinner, I went up to put that ONE Maverick Star block together:

AND...  I ended up making TWO Tiny Nines:

Tuesday, I worked on a UFO and got TWO String blocks made:

Along with ONE Maverick Star block:

Please pardon the orientation of the block. It looks like a face with its tongue sticking out!

Wednesday, after work and taking DS2 to the doctor, I finished up THREE Slab Blocks that I started the other day.  Which other day I'm not quite sure, but I completed them this evening:

Oh!  As I was thinking about what day I might have begun these blocks, I said to myself, "I don't remember when I started these.  For all I know, it could have been last week!"  Sure enough!  I looked back at last week's post and found that I started them last Tuesday.  Not that you really care WHEN they were started, but I just HAD. TO. KNOW!  :o))

Thursday, after dinner, I made TWO totally random (as in blindly pulling strips out of a bag) String Blocks:

Friday, I worked on a UFO, so NO sewing was done on my Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  If you'd like to see what I was working on, check out THIS post.

Saturday, after breakfast, I finished up this post and sent it off into BlogLand.  I am spending/spent (depending on when you read this post) the day sewing, but NOT on my Rainbow Scrap Challenge!  I'm linking up with the other So Scrappy quilters over on Angela's blog.  Look for me at link number 6... that's JUST HOW EARLY things got going today!

Edited to add... I even managed to sew some PINK blocks at my Donation Quilt Workshop today!!

Oops!  The photo was popped in sideways... let's hope Strawberry Shortcake doesn't get sea sick!  LOL

TWELVE blocks ready to sew into a donation quilt (along with the backing and binding fabric.)  I'm not sure if I'll dig out some border fabric from my stash or if I'll just set the blocks together and quilt them as is.  I'll figure that out tomorrow and hopefully finish the quilt in time for our guild meeting on Monday night.  (It IS possible!  Not likely, but possible.)


Until next time...
Get scrappy!!!

And remember... I  HEART YOU!!!  :o))


  1. What a great variety of blocks! They all look like fun! Enjoy your sewing day.

  2. Great blocks; I love the maverick stars! have a happy sewing day.

  3. What a lovely little quilt for Valentine's Day. You've been busy. Glad you found time to sew each and every day of the week. Enjoy the sew-in at guild today. Love the Valentine bag.

  4. Thanks for all the lovely comments, everyone!

  5. Busy week. I am really attracted to your slab blicks and wondering how large they are.

  6. 6.5" unfinished, although I have no idea why I chose that size. It might have been so that they were compatible with my String blocks of the same size.

  7. Wow... You have a lot of great stuff going on. Think pink

  8. Very nice ways to celebrate Valentine's Day!

  9. You managed a lot with those scraps. Pretty and fun blocks!

  10. Pink fabrics will last so much longer than pink flowers. Hope you enjoyed your quality sewing machine time.

  11. What a fun post. I enjoyed all your blocks! Awesome tote. Thank you for sharing pictures.


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