Sunday, January 11, 2015

ScrapHappy Sunday - RSC15 - Week 2

Another ScrapHappy Saturday has come and gone.  Here's a link to RSC15 - Week 2.  I was SO excited about using my BLUE scraps last Sunday that I couldn't STOP!!!  :o))

If you recall, THIS:

... is where I started last week.  ONE Maverick Star block and TWO String blocks.  (And... a star center prepared for my next sewing session.)

I realized some things about my stash.  The first thing is that I don't have very much in the way of BLUE scraps!  At first, I tried to keep it ALL BLUE, but I have begun to add in blue-green tones.   The second thing that I realized is that I don't have a very broad range of blue fabrics in my stash (at least not in quantities to make multiple blocks.)  That should explain why I, unlike Angela, have random shades of blue in each of my blocks.  Otherwise, I would probably have ONE blue block. Period.

Anyway, I'm using ALL the blues for ALL the blocks.  I'm just happy to be USING my scraps!  :o))

End of story.

HERE is what I did this week:

Monday, before dinner, I made... ONE Maverick Star block and ONE String block.

Tuesday, before dinner, I made... ONE Maverick Star block and TWO String blocks.

After dinner, I added a stack of Twin Rectangle blocks, started a Crumb block, and cut some scraps.

Wednesday, after work, I made... ONE Maverick Star block and THREE Sting blocks!!

Thursday, BEFORE work, I made... TWO String blocks and AFTER work, I made... NOTHING! :o((

Also on Thursday, Angela (Scraphappy) released her 2nd block tutorial.  This time it's the Card Trick block.  I've made this block, so I plan to continue with my Maverick Stars and String blocks.

Here's how Angela's block turned out:

Follow the link that I provided and give the block a try, if you haven't made one before now.

Friday, after dinner, I made... ONE Maverick Star and ONE string block.

Saturday, after dinner, I made... NOTHING!!!

What?  NOTHING!  Why??

Well, I got up early, but I was barely home all day!  I had to take DS2 to All-District Band and All-Region Jazz auditions.  I stopped at the grocery store to "pick up a few things" before heading home to meet-up with Needleb to go to Quilt Bee.  She drove, since I'd already been to Cary and back BEFORE 9:00 AM.  Thanks, B!!

That takes us up to mid-day.  B dropped me home and I headed BACK to Cary to pick up DS2.

Upon arrival, I discovered that he had not yet been called for his jazz audition.  Fortunately, I brought work with me.  Whew!  (It's NO FUN waiting for 3 HOURS with nothing to keep your hands busy!  I worked on my Sue Plus Ewe Two project.  When I finish the color that I'm working on, I'll begin to add the Hilary leftovers that she gave me on Friday.  Thanks, Hil!)

Once DS2 finished his audition, we headed over to NC State to pick up DS1.  He's ALWAYS hungry so I figured that we would go enjoy a meal together before heading for home.  It was yummy (and I saw one of my Raleigh quilting friends at RH andB!)

After dropping DS1 dorm, DS2 and I made our way back to Hboro. By the time we got home, I was EXHAUSTED!!!  It was 8 PM and I was ready for BED!!

In my defense, I climbed the stairs to the studio.  I even turned on the lights!  I looked around to decide what small project I might work on before heading to bed.  In the end...

I just. couldn't. do. it!

The exhaustion won out and I made my way to bed.  By 9 PM the lights were out and I was sleeping soundly.  Ridiculous, I know, but sometimes you just NEED to pay attention to your body.

And my body was saying...

GO. TO. BED!!!

So I did.

Until next time...
Get Scrappy!!


  1. Great job on getting all you got done.

  2. You've gotten so much done though! Taking an evening or day off of sewing is perfectly acceptable!! :)

  3. It was a LONG day - glad you got some rest after all the to and fro in the car. And um...WOW! you are proving just how much progress can be made in a week if you sew a bit every day. Way to go! Let me know if you want to rummage in my blue strip bin... :)

  4. Love your blocks! Cute post : )


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