Saturday, January 31, 2015

Scrap Happy Saturday - RSC15 - Week 5

I can hardly believe that we have already reached Week FIVE of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!!  It seems too soon, but also long past due, as I have been looking forward to a NEW Color of the Month since the MIDDLE of January.  :P

Sunday, I began this post and added to my Crumb Starters.  Soon, they will be Crumb Blocks!

Monday afternoon, I made THREE Tiny Nines  and FOUR Crumb blocks:

These Tiny Nines appear to need a bit more pressing!

These Crumb Blocks (using my "crumb starters") are more reserved than most of the ones that I make.

Tuesday, after work, I made TWO String blocks...

And before dinner, I made the STAR POINTS for one Maverick Star:

This one is WAY less BLUE than most of the others (but HEY!  It has a blue background!!)

Wednesday morning, I discovered that Angela had announced the NEW Color of the Month.  I'm SO excited!!!  (Even if it's NOT my favorite color!)  I'm waiting for Saturday to make the announcement here... although, I may drop a few hints between now and then.   :o))

On Wednesday afternoon, I made... ONE Maverick Star block:

Here I am, piecing the sections that I made yesterday.

This photo shows the completed block.

 After dinner on Wednesday, I headed upstairs to do an alteration on DS2's new jeans and made TWO String blocks while I was up there.  :o))

Thursday, DS2 had his 2 year studies so we spent the day at Duke University Hospital.  It's hard to believe that it's been 2 YEARS since his Bone Marrow Transplant!!  It was a day filled with too many appointments and tests... no time for sewing.  :o((

The good news is...

He's doing GREAT!!!  All of his tests had positive results and he went back to karate with no incidence of tachycardia.  Hooray!!!  He is well and truly on the mend.   :o))

Friday, after work, I took another look at my BLUE "basket."  I was looking to see if it had another quilt block hiding in its depths...  It didn't.  My mind has already moved on.  Done with BLUE for now.  Plus, I was bone tired from working all day!  Some days are like that.

Every week of BLUE month has been filled with OTHER things to do BESIDES SEWING!!  Overall, I am quite pleased with the amount of progress I've made working through my BLUE scraps.

I must tell you, though...

It looks like I barely TOUCHED the BLUE scraps!!!

In fact, I think they MULTIPLIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  LOL

OK... maybe the "basket" looks a LITTLE emptier. than when the month began.  It's no longer HEAPING full.  :o))

It's Saturday and this afternoon, I took an inventory of the BLUE scraps that I've USED during the month of January.

You've seen the basket, but can you begin to tally the blocks that have been made?  Whatever the number, it CAN'T have been many!!   Or could it???

Here is the total block production for the month:

FOUR (4) Crumb Blocks (Slabs?)

NINE  (9) Maverick Star Blocks

TWENTY-TWO  (22) String Blocks

A BAKER'S DOZEN (13)  Tiny Nines

TWELVE (12)  Bonus Rectangle Squares (Brick?)

For a total of SIXTY (60) quilt blocks made during the month of January!!!

Along with...

A handful of newly trimmed scraps for future use.

I want to thank Angela, over on the So Scrappy blog, for hosting the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  It has really jump started my enthusiasm for quilting.  I gave me a reason to climb the stairs to my studio on a daily basis... even if I didn't manage to sew every day.  You only that to look at the totals for the month.  Without the RSC15, there is NO WAY that I would have been so productive!!!

Here are a few composite pictures of the design floor at various angles:

I couldn't decide which shot best showed the work so I posted them all for your viewing pleasure.

What a load of SCRAP!!!    :o))

Now, for the moment you've been waiting for...


Did you pick up on the clues???

Some were rather subtle and others were quite obvious.


The time has arrived...


The NEW Color of the Month is...

Ignore the crumpled paper.  This photo was shot at work and the color card belongs to my not-quite-2 y.o. charge.
The photo above shows my PINK "basket" as a point of reference for the end of the month.

DISCLAIMER:  (Ravelry) UFO Club members, I really didn't PLAN to start THREE (er... FIVE) new quilts this month!!  In my defense, I have made progress on finishing The Joyful Scrap Addiction.  (Otherwise, known as my Crumb Quilt.) I managed to get 90 inches of binding hand sewn before my tendonitis started to kick in!  I can assure you that I will make additional progress on that UFO (and others) in the coming month.

NOTICE:  (Ravelry) Austerity Challenge quilters, I'm taking austerity to a whole new level!!!

NOTE:  I'm link number 31 in the link-up on January 31st.  Perhaps, I should go play the lottery!  :o))

Until next time...
Get Scrappy!!!

January = BLUE = Productivity


  1. Well, I'm impressed with all your blue blocks - I just love blue.

  2. Thanks! I still can't get over how much I accomplished in ONE month!! :o))

  3. Wow you used up a lot of your blues and made some wonderful blocks. Great job.

  4. Busy month! Wow! There's something about scraps. I think they multiply when in close quarters with others.

  5. I guessed it when I saw your nail polish, lol! And wow, those tiny nines just slay me...too darn cute!! I really love your slab and string blocks too...just one more finish and I may have to join you in some slab and tiny nine making. Congrats on being so productive!

  6. Thanks, B! Good luck with that art quilt. Finish up fast so that you can come play with me! LOVE that you know me well enough to pick up on my first clue about the new Color of the Month. :o))

  7. Wow. You have a lot of blue blocks to show for the month. Looking forward to seeing what you do with those pink scraps.
    Happy to hear that DS2 is doing good : )

  8. that is a lot of blue loveliness. it will be fun to see how the pink bits play along. Quilt On!

  9. You did all of that in a month?? You are amazing. I love the blues. I think I would cry if I were faced with a whole month of pink, though. I've embraced most colors but have a hard time with pink.

    Austerity Rules!! (I wandered over from Ravelry...)

    1. Thanks for wandering over from Ravelry. I was happy about having a new color to play with, but I'm not sure how much I will get done during PINK month... The basket appeared to be overflowing, but there don't seem to be very many usable bits in there. We'll see how it goes...

  10. All your work is so nice. I just love those 9 patches!


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